And Now High Quality To All

September 28, 2013

A whole lot of shuffling both in hardware software and pricing as now cord cuitters nymber over 9 % of all TV consumers.

Highest Quality HD Now Available To All Netflix Members A Netflix spokesman Joris says:

All Netflix members, regardless of their Internet service provider (ISP), now have access to the highest quality HD streams available on Netflix.

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Netflix Goes HD

September 28, 2013

Clearer video for everyone! Or at least for some.

Netflix is now offering Super HD, its highest-quality streaming video, to all of its customers, the company announced in a blog post on Thursday, expanded from a limited rollout in January.

But some netflix customers still might not be able to use Super HD all the time, because some Internet service providers haven’t joined a network Netflix designed to keep Internet congestion low.


CAT Misses Across The Board, Slashes Sales And Profit Outlook

April 22, 2013

YOU remember when CAT was the apple in Obama’s eye, leading the recovery. Well it’s been all downhill since those glorious days, as building has slowed to a standstill, and the Keystone Pipeline is still after years on Obama’s desk.

Caterpillar just can’t catch a break. First, in January the firm was punk’d by a Chinese acquisition fraud, forcing the company to write off half of its Q4 earnings. This, of course, in the aftermath of the miss in both Q3 and Q4 earnings. And now we get the latest disappointing news from the firm as Q1 numbers are reported lower across the board.

  • Q1 EPS $1.31, Exp $1.38; this includes a tax benefit of $87 million
  • Q1 revenue: $13.2 billion, Exp. $13.8 billion
  • Guides much lower, with revenue now seen at $57-61 billion, compared to $60-68 billion previously
  • CAT forecasts profit per share of $7.00, compared to $7.00-9.00 previously.
  • Operating cash flow of $900MM, but all of it generated from net working capital, i.e., inventory liquidation
  • And when you can’t spend on capex, you spend on buybacks: CAT to extend buyback through 2015

So much for that.  So much for the “dead cat recovery” for the fourth year in a row

Many of our local building projects are still on hold, awaiting the end of Obama’s recovery.

Video and qtr rpt..

Unemployment in Euro Zone Reaches a Record High of 12 Percent

April 2, 2013

Another record as the world shrivels up without America.

Unemployment in the euro zone rose to yet another record high in the first two months of the year, official data showed Tuesday, providing confirmation that the economy remains in a deep freeze.

The jobless rate reached 12 percent in both January and February, the highest since the creation of the euro in 1999, Eurostat, the statistical agency of the European Unionreported from Luxembourg.


Middle Class Going Extinct Under Obama …

March 14, 2013

I assume this isn’t news to you …

Bloomberg writes:

Beneath the positive headlines Bloomberg’s Joe Brusuelas notes that there is evidence that a good portion of consumers continue to face a difficult adjustment to the $125 billion tax hike in January and the 15 percent increase in gasoline prices during the past four months. Spending among the upper quintile of income earners is masking weakness elsewhere but it is jobs headlines that are really hiding the dismal reality in America.

The middle-class income-earner is becoming an endangered species (with no ‘conservation group’ willing to stand up for them) as the government holds the lowest income earners’ hand and Bernanke the highest.


Charts: Bloomberg


Boeing Still Has Dreamliner Down…ER

February 8, 2013

Lately renamed Nightmareliner. But the worst for the company may be yet ahead as new aircraft orders collapsed from 183 in December to a meaningless 2 in January. BOEING warned more bad news to come … to come as Boeing just warned its first Norwegian delivery due in April may be delayed.

But while it was expected that the company’s quality control failure would eventually catch up to it, the broader implication is that this month’s Durable Goods number, released February 27 and of which transportation is always a key variable at least at the headline level, will be a disaster.

From Stone McCarthyGreen weenie hits Boeing sales …

After the now several week old exploding battery fiasco, Boeing is nowhere closer to resolving the recurring problem for its appropr

 New orders for aircraft at Boeing plunged to a mere 2 in January, down 181 from the hefty 183 in December. This is a rapid drop after four months of strong orders, and will have a big impact on the transportation component for January durable goods orders when it is published at 8:30 ET on Wednesday, February 27.
Wouldn’t the old way have been better? Yes but think of the children and all that CO2. Begs the question should cell phone batteries power airliners? We already know about the exploding batteries in cell phones and Pads…

Unemployment, Government Slop For the Uninformed Voters

February 1, 2013

Unemployment (Photo credit: Dekonstruct2009)

The goldilocks economy continues as the unemployment rate comes right as expected, or 157,000, a tiny miss to expectations of 165,000, down from the upwardly revised 196,000 (was 155,000 previously), leading to an unemployment rate of 7.9%, higher than the 7.8% expected.

And how about the millions who have given up? The real story is the chart at the bottom.

US Payrolls Rose by 157,000 in January, While Unemployment Inched Up to 7.9 Percent.

The jobs have gone in hiding. They sure are around my place, where the economy appears dead… How about yours? One thing I notice, is all the white faces at McD’s, how about you?

Labor Force Participation RateJan2013

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