Their Hand-maiden No More …

October 24, 2013

Saudi Arabia severs diplomatic ties with US over response to conflict in Syria

  • Saudi Arabia is an important ally to the U.S. as it provides a secure source of oil
  • Saudi diplomats now promise a ‘major shift’ in relations with the U.S. over inaction in the conflict in Syria
  • Secretary of State John Kerry says he is committed to keeping a good relationship with the Saudis

We don’t need their oil anymore, just drill our own.

A Tweet To Make Your Day …

October 15, 2013
Fred Thompson        ✔ @fredthompson

New drones to make lethal attack decisions w/o human input. Hopefully not made by same company that did Obamacare sign-up websites.


Signing Over To The UN Your Constitution …

September 25, 2013

Criminal! John Kerry Signs U.N. Arms Treaty

Secretary of State John Kerry has officially signed the U.N Arms Treaty, many countries have signed the treaty but it will not take effect until 50 nations have ratified it. On March 23, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) introduced an amendment to prohibit the U.S. from entering into such a treaty. The amendment passed the Senate by a vote of 53 to 46.

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How Are Things Going At The Yearly Tyrants And Dictators Club Meeting

September 25, 2013

Our little boi pressy is acting like a dictator should, making flowery sounding meaningless speeches and stuff, to the assembled world dictators … Iran rejects our president’s handshake …

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America’s Enemies No Longer Fear Us

September 25, 2013

I assume that was his point…::: Barack Obama’s UN speech was pure mush. America’s enemies no longer fear the US superpower

What else could it be for an America hater like himself?

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Crisis, We Must Have A Crisis

September 24, 2013

Onto Iran, we need to use those bombs up. Who we gonna bomb …:::: NOW IT’S IRAN’S CHEM WEAPONS

You’ve been warned …. Remember Jimmy Carter and the Iranian hostage crisis? You young kiddies may not …

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Saturday Mall Attack: Islāmic Terror Attack In Kenya, Now 68 Civilians Dead

September 22, 2013

Nairobi Mall Terror Attack Continues, Americans Injured, Wife of U.S. Diplomat Killed … Religion of pieces … Americans Injured, Wife of U.S. Diplomat Killed

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