Our Incredible Shrinking Workforce

October 31, 2013

At least more are recognizing our growing problem … William Galston: Unless men re-enter the job market, prospects for vigorous growth in the labor force are dim.

Participation in the workforce is falling, the pace of job creation is anemic, and long-term unemployment remains stubbornly high. Many newly created jobs pay less than those that disappeared during the Great Recession, so real wages are stagnating, and median household income is no higher than it was a quarter of a century ago.

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

September 7, 2013

But where are they???

Yikes …::: Record 90,473,000 Not in Labor Force… 

A nation of freeloaders.

Got to blame something, don’t we, but I doubt this …::: NYTIMES blames bad jobs month on plunge in porn industry…

It might affect Hollywood, but not the rest of the country. Or is it just rottten movies, pushing an agenda? You deicde.

And how about this record …:::: Unemployment Rate Down Just 0.5% in 56 Months Under Obama…


See the problem??? Nothing is normal about this.


Weak Jobs Report Adds to Uncertainty on Fed’s Next Move…

Actual unemployment the way Jimmy Carter had to report it …13.7% (U-6)

Must Be A Reason

August 2, 2013

Our hollowed out economy … Ten Times More Waiter And Bartender Than Manufacturing Jobs Added In 2013.  Low salary workers, what do you think a bartender makes? And why do we need AMNESTY, to keep it that way.

The death of the middle class, and Obama killed it …

How many of those new bartenders are for new college graduates??? As the destruction of the middle class by Obama and the Democrats continue… Just wait on AMNESTY …

The reduced unemployment bummer today was nearly all from labor force participation/reductions. Went down by … as the universe of available jobs continued to shrink. I*f the same numbers of jobs were now available to US workers now as was available January 2009, the unemployment rate would be climbing to near 11% now. Including downward revisions, the actual employment increase was only about 135,000 — well below consensus expectations of 185,000. The labor force participation sank, see the actual report for yourself, not the media spin machine.

July: 988,000 ‘Discouraged’ Americans Concluded There Were No Jobs for Them compared to an add of  …. what?

How government stats are used to lie to you. Still low information voter are you?

We need about 200,000 mew jobs created a month to keep up with birth rate.

Just Like US??? Let Them Eat Cake!!

July 29, 2013

Is it any wonder he doesn’t know how to fix our economy, what we get is phony stats that try and say it is fixed.: VINEYARD VACATION AT $7.6 MILLION HOUSE

Look how he ACTUALLY LIVES … AND THE COMPANY he KEEPS. That evil Bush went to his own Ranch. The staff and secret service people stayed in Bush’s guest house, on ranch property …

If you can, flaunt it. Let them eat cake!!!

Just like the Soviets of old … run from the truth and hope the people buy the phony economic stats. I guess it’s no sale. Do your own survey of the number of closed businesses in your area, locally we have entire “former shopping centers” shuttered lining the streets. And unfinished buildings. And you do not have to look far to see the truth.

Why not imitate the Soviets???

If the same number of people were in our labor force today as of January 2009, unemployment would now be over 11%. Not included are the birthrate additions to our population. There are some 9 million people that are not even counted in the labor force today. 9 million jobs have been disappeared form America in the Obama economy.

Some track record that is … And the Lamestream media keeps on snoozing. Don’t believe me, do your own research. It’s called the Internet …

I am sure Karl Marx would be smiling from the grave!!!

Apparently The Propaganda Is Failing

July 27, 2013

SOMETHING IS BOTHERING OUR PROPAGANDISTS : Pentagon Spokesman: Public Affairs Must Change With Times…

Hopey changey goes in for a rewrite, ‘American people should hear it from us, not as scoop on DRUDGE REPORT’…

There was a time when Americans believed their government, NOT ANYMORE … And you can start with the lying jobs report numbers. If the same number of jobs were available to the American labor force as when Obama took office, unemployment would now be over 11%, right now. If you account for the expansion of the labor force, that has taken place by new births and new college grad job seekers??? Over 9 million jobs have simply been reduce by over 9 million potential jobs.


Manipulated Recovery? Non-Farm Payrolls Leap +165k Thanks To BLS Birth/Death Adjustment Of +193k

May 5, 2013

Another month another manipulated set of data, from your government. Why can’t they just tell the truth?

Good News! Non-farm payrolls increase by 165,000 and the unemployment rate declined to 7.5%.

Bad News! It had to be helped by a 193,000 increase due to the BLS Birth/Death adjustment. That is a net LOSS of 28,000 jobs! And 9.55 million Americans have given up looking for work. Not to mention 89,936,000 NOT in the labor force.

Nothing is real anymore… Just fiddled numbers for the headline.

April Payrolls +165,000, 7.5% Unemployment Rate, Participation Rate Flat At 1979 Levels

May 3, 2013

Lot’s of people just staying home, all the freebies from Obama , Why work.

Following the March NFP disappointment, it was only reasonable to expect a modest beat in this month’s data which came at +165,000, on expectations of +140,000, and also following a revision to the March number from 88K to 138K. The unemployment rate declined from 7.6% to 7.5% beating, expectations of an unchanged print.

The flipside, as always, is that the labor participation rate remained flat, at 63.3%, once again the lowest since 1979. That’s about 37 % of our population just sitting around, using their Obamaphones.

LFP April_0

How Bad Has The Obama Years really been


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