Netflix Plan Silverlight Departure In Favor Of HTML5

August 20, 2013

Netflix Plan Silverlight Departure In Favor Of HTML5

I think HTML5 switch is basically for DRM protection.

Following in the footsteps of Adobe, streaming giants Netflix have announced that they are making a change to their video delivery providers, dropping Microsoft’s ‘Silverlight’ platform in favor of the HTML5 video ‘no plug-in’ concept.

Netflix switches from Silverlight to HTML5 in Windows 8.1, reduces CPU usage dramatically

July 5, 2013

With the release of Windows 8.1 Preview, Netflix now supports streaming over HTML5 instead of Microsoft’s proprietary Silverlight plug-in. The caveat is that only Internet Explorer 11, which is bundled with Windows 8.1, supports the necessary HTML5 extensions; if you’re a Firefox or Chrome user, you’ll continue to use the Silverlight plug-in. In our initial testing, the switch to HTML5 sees a massive reduction in CPU usage — about one third of Silverlight’s CPU usage.

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So far its for IE 11 only. But can Chrome and Firefox be far behind? The holdup is over DRM.

Smaller less powerful chips needed for streaming videos?


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