Obama Clown Cars: Coffins On Wheels

May 19, 2009

What good is high gas mileage if you are dead?

Only a fool, who places no value on his own life, will drive around in one of these really dumb “smart cars”. IMHO, a car needs a minimum of 3500 lbs of weight to be safe in most crashes, a car about the size of a Honda Accord fits that minimum bill. Of course, this assumes high quality design, build and materials are used in the vehicle manufacture. You will note that the Honda Accord fared well, survivable, in the IIHS crash tests.


Instinctively people know this, small cars kill people. In crash after crash, one of the major survivability aspects is the weight(mass) of the vehicles involved. As speeds increase, mass becomes far more important in survivability. At normal USA highway speeds, in the event on an accident, these factors mean life or death. Sure you can design race cars that survive high speed crash, but at what cost per car? And yes, even then, drivers die for various reasons.

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