We Need Kids, Bring Kids …

September 30, 2013

Although public tours of the White House have been cancelled, the White House logged 344 visits by lobbyists in 3 months. Couldn’t they each just grab a busload of kids on their way in?

Since actress Stacey Dash has gone public with her conservative points of view — namely endorsing Mitt Romney for president last year — she’s come under a volley of criticism from the left.

But that hasn’t shut her up.

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43% Pay No Income Tax

September 10, 2013

The ‘freeloaders’ are approaching the voting majority, will America correct in time?And you thought it was 47% that Romney stated …::: Now it’s the 43 percent: Fewer paying no income tax

Normally free loaders are the ones that do a country in, when sitting on your a$$es becomes as much, or more profitable than working a real job, you want to know how America ends?

And that is the Democrat left’s plan for America…

And so then who will invent the next iPhone?


September 10, 2013

Glenn Reynolds writes:

Obama’s efforts to do something about Syria invite only criticism and push back.

Remember that dumb cowboy George W. Bush, who alienated all our allies and dragged us into wars of choice in the Mideast? And remember that goofball Mitt Romney, whom Joe Biden a year ago accused of wanting to go to war in Syria?

Both of them must be having a big laugh over the way things are going for Obama now. When I wrote last week on our bumbling Syria diplomacy, it seemed that things couldn’t possibly go further downhill. Boy, was I wrong.

Do you really think you know what Obomba will do? Or do you think the oil guys will win, rememebr they hated Assad for turning down their pipeline from the Persian Gulf, and the warm water port guys from Russia on the other side.

I mean afterall Genghis John was the first to do this, offer to get rid of Syria’s Chemical weapons, but then said they would never do that/ Well they did. NOW WHAT?

Where IS Joe???

September 6, 2013

Flashback: A year ago, Biden accused Romney of wanting war with Syria.

So where is he now? The hypocrisy of the reclusive leftist.

Better still what’s he plotting. Maybe cleaning his shotgun?

All Is Welcome …

August 21, 2013


Find that in your Romney binder …

Yep it was another half hearted election …

But there is always this WOW fun ICYMI … Jessie Jackson’s SON Goes to prison … I am sure your local media picked up this story, as I didn’t see it anywhere on the networks … Like father, like son, heh.

Another Establishment GOP Loser Lines UP To Lose

August 17, 2013

Obama’s BFF wants you to think he is a Hillary beater … : Christie Lays Out Argument For ’16…

‘I’m in this business to win’…

OK let’s ask if he is for the people or for the establishment … What do you think of the 2nd Amendment??? Yeah go ahead answer the question? It’s a never fail question to expose the truth.

I will not vote for the Republican ticket if headed by the progressive Christie, … We already tried McCain and Romney, both went down because the base didn’t show. The go along losers are just that losers, why waste my time.

Where ObamaCare Is Heading US …

August 16, 2013

Ask Harry Reid, in and off prompter unscripted moment he told us.


The dumps…

Tell me you didn’t know this was the plan all along. Hope you don’t work for one of those evil insurance companies. Because they won’t be around for long.

And how you are being played …

get them afterHurry we got to dump these and we can make it over …



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