Bet You Already Knew That …

October 1, 2013

The crap our money is spent on is legion … heck we wouldn’t even need Bernanke and his whole operations and money printing bame.

Like with the Sequestor monster, there is a lot to learn from the shutdown monster, that wasn’t.

IBD: Shutdown Preparations Prove Most Government Is Waste.

When the government shuts down, the president will do without three-fourths of his White House staff — 1,265 taxpayer-salaried federal workers. That’s a fraction of the government’s total waste.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who didn’t show up to vote on the budget last week, recently claimed, “the cupboard is bare. There’s no more cuts to make” in a government that spends almost $4 trillion each year.

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Living The High Life …

September 27, 2013

FOR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, as the let them eat cake crowd, tries to keep the people down. Just shut up!!!

$5.25m For Senate Hair Care & 21 Other Ways Politicians Are Living The High Life At Your Expense

At this point, more than half of those “serving the American people” in Congress are millionaires.

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She Has No Right

September 26, 2013

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has no Catholic right to be granted Communion, said the leading cardinal of the highest court at the Vatican.

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Bad News Democrats

September 23, 2013

Uh, Oh … despite the Obama bluster and lies, the polls are slipping downward …::: Poll: Most Americans Support Federal Shutdown to Defund ObamaCare

Killing Christians is becoming the thing in middle east countries.

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The New Talking Points From Democrats

September 21, 2013

“Law of The Land” … And the lamestream media parrots spread it widely.

So was the 2006 secure fence act which had put building a fence on the southern border, it was the law of the land until in 2007 when Democrats defunded it. And had done so every year since, that they could.

Why don’t Republcians make that an issue?

Time To Mess With The Speaker … Tit For Tat

September 21, 2013

Bud it’s my way or the highway …

Like a two year old …. Politico: Obama calls Boehner, rules out debt negotiations … ROFLMAO

The Ohio Republican’s office said the president called to say “he wouldn’t negotiate with him on the debt limit.”

“Given the long history of using debt limit increases to achieve bipartisan deficit reduction and economic reforms, the speaker was disappointed but told the president that the two chambers of Congress will chart the path ahead,” a Boehner aide said in an email. “It was a brief call.”

A White House official said Obama spoke to both Boehner and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.
“The President telephoned Speaker Boehner and told him again that the full faith and credit of the United States should not and will not be subject to negotiation,” the official said in a statement provided to POLITICO. “The President reiterated that it is the constitutional responsibility of the US Congress to pass the nation’s budget and pay the nation’s bills.”

Early Saturday golf game?

Liberals … Spend Spend Spend, until we drop

Obama At Fault??? FOREVER 21 Downsizes Employee Costs

August 19, 2013

And here we have Obama’s big health care legislation which is at fault … Staff down sizing at “Forever 21”, but look who gets the blame.

NO the culprit doing this … Obama and Obamacare.

But not even the company says what is doing, i.e. tell the truth… They must be scared to death to tell the truth…

FOREVER 21 to do away with full-time employees…

And what do the little girl kiddies think? It’s so unfair that the company has to comply with the Obamacare law …

Companies are not going to just sit there and give out free health care, no matter how unfair you think that might be. They are trying to get under the Obamacare radar!!! And everybody knows that destroying the middle class is the Democrat’s goal in America … How is anybody going to get rich on part time work???

And a factual UPDATE : Communism has done this for as long as there have been communists.

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