February 4, 2013

It’s been a rough few years under Barack Obama.

The ad would be more convincing if Jeep didn’t open up jobs in China this month and not America.

Here is the video …

Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne announced the plans in mid-January.

The Detroit News reported, via The Examiner:

As part of our global expansion of the Jeep brand, there are some cars — that because of the price position in the market — can never be made in the U.S. and exported,” Marchionne told reporters on the sidelines of the North American International Auto Show. “We’re going to be announcing the first step in the globalization of Jeep (in China). There’s another one that’s going to come in Russia. These things are part of a natural process of expansion.”

Marchionne said he will keep “the pillar cars of the Jeep (brand) in the United States. Wrangler is one. The Grand Cherokee is another. These are things that need to be protected because they represent the best and the essence of Jeep. If you tell me I cannot make a Patriot somewhere else, I might as well go out of the market.”

If America is ever “made whole” again, it likely won’t be because of Jeep.

Yes it is sickening, but cheap cars are made in China not the USA.


Here She Is … 2014 Grand Cherokee

November 26, 2012

A few updates are in store for the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and while we’ve told you about them before, we’re now getting our first glimpse at the refreshed SUV without all the heavy camouflage.

Up front, new headlights with LED running lamps flow into a new front fascia design with a smaller seven-slat grille and some curvy bodywork that flows up underneath the headlamp clusters. (With the black tape still covering part of the fascia, can anyone else see a bit of Chrysler 300 in those headlights?) Revisions have been made to the Jeep’s lower front end, as well; and all in, it’s not as aggressive (or handsome) as the current model. Also, we’re not sure how we feel about the flat gray panel that surrounds the grille on the Laredo model, though it’s unclear whether that’s actually a production piece. We’ll hold off making up our minds about the new styling, for certain, until we see the fully baked SUV.

At the back, subtle tweaks have been made to the taillamps (LEDs have been added – surprise, surprise), and the tailgate has been ever-so-slightly redesigned.

The big changes for 2014 lie under the Grand Cherokee’s hood – most notably, the addition of a 3.0-liter diesel V6 for the US market. As we reported earlier, this will be a massaged version of the oil-burning six sold in Europe, and should be good for about 237 horsepower and 407 pound-feet of torque. The Grand Cherokee will also get a new ZF-sourced eight-speed automatic transmission.

Look for the 2014 Grand Cherokee to officially bow at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Production is estimated to start in the spring of 2013.

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NAIAS 2012: Smart Shows Off Tiny “For-Us” Concept Pickup Truck

January 12, 2012

OK But where do the sheets of plywood go? The roof?

Smart Truck? Maybe not

What’s the point of a pickup truck that you can’t fit a tool box in?

Smart cars always remind me of slightly larger versions of the Cozy Coupe (remember that red and yellow toy car we used to maneuver around in as kids?). But smart debuted a new vehicle at the 2012 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) that actually allows for storage in addition to carrying passengers.

Smart, an automotive branch of Daimler AG, showed off its new electric truck today called the smart for-us concept pickup. The pickup is small and quirky like smart’s cars, but provides a little extra space with a pickup bed in the back for toting objects like bikes.

This truck may be tiny compared to most, but it packs some punch and seems to get the job done. It features a 75 HP electric motor, a 17.6 kW/h lithium ion battery pack, a top speed of “well over” 80 mph, and can go zero to 60 in five seconds.

The smart for-us concept pickup has 11.6 cubic feet of space, and offers two slits in the cargo bed for the front wheels of ebikes. The cargo bed also has a docking station that charges these ebikes so that they’re ready whenever the driver is.

“We at smart love pickups — if they are small on the outside, large on the inside, very safe and extremely comfortable,” said Dr. Annette Winkler, smart CEO.

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