The Number One American Problem Which Scares The Most

December 30, 2011

Economic collapse. Says a new survey by Leflein Associates, Inc.

In the new survey mentioned above, those contacted were asked to select the top three potential catastrophes that worry them the most.

The following results come directly from the survey….

Economic Collapse: 63%
Natural Disaster: 46%
Terrorist Attack: 44%
Global Disease Outbreak: 33%
Global War: 27%
Nuclear Accident: 25%
Global Warming: 22%
Fuel Shortage: 15%
Cyber War: 8%
Famine: 8%
Oil Spill: 6%
Industrial Accident: 5%

As you can see, “economic collapse” was the winner by a wide margin.

Faced With New Obama Regulations, Not A Myth: The Skyrocketing Cost Of New Oil Supply

October 22, 2011

A helpful chart from the just released EIA Annual Energy Review shows that the capital required to add an additional barrel of oil to reserves experienced a step change starting last decade. The chart uses the COE unit (crude oil equivalent) which is a way to measure the cost of adding 5.8 million btu regardless of whether the resource is oil, natural gas, or natural gas liquids.

Thank Obama for his regulations driving up drilling cost under the pretense the government is trying to prevent another BP size oil spill. What drivel that is.

The next time you hear someone asserting that oil extraction “was always difficult and expensive”—as a way to refute the very high cost now of the marginal barrel—you’ll know they’re spinning a folk tale.

Read more:

BP Well Testing Delayed On Shut In Proceedure: Harry Reid Has Not Yet Got Cap and Trade Passed

July 14, 2010

What the heck is going on ???

You know, when things don’t seem right, they probably aren’t. BP has clammed up, after a steady stream of press updates, and pumping up the likelihood of success, in closing in the well before now.

Monday in Las Vegas, Reid said he plans to introduce Cap and Trade this week this is highly suspicious. And how would that be helped if the well was shut in. Even the press is miffed, BP says it’s ready to go.

BP PLC postponed testing Tuesday on a new tight-fitting containment cap that could stop the flow of oil from its blown-out well for the first time.

The test, which was scheduled to start late Tuesday, was delayed after the U.S. government and company officials said that further analysis had to be done on Tuesday and Wednesday before determining the fitness of the cap.

This makes no sense, unless stopping the well from leaking will make “cap and trade” bill passing less viable. So what does the Obowma government know that BP does not? BP says they are ready to proceed, prior to this unexpected delay caused by the government.

So why doesn’t the press ask Obowma for an explanation?

How Big Is The New Cap

July 13, 2010

You see the underwater pictures on TV, but the scale is hard to figure out. Here is what the new capping stack, with valves, for the well looked like with some size references. It weighs in at about 75 tons total.

This is a photo taken during testing on land before being lowered, and placed on top of the well.

The cap has now been lowered and placed on the well. Pressure test follow. If the pressure test shows results within expected limits, then the well may be just left closed in. If the pressure is lower than expected, then the capping valves will have to be reopened as that lower pressure would be from the lower casing leaking oil into the surrounding rocks.

If the well casing is showing signs of leaking, then the top of the stack will have to be connected up to a oil recovery ship and the oil outflow siphoned off.

Hopefully, either way, the amount of oil leaking into the Gulf may be significantly reduced. Here hoping….

BP has an animation here, which shows how the new cap is installed.

Now if only the federal government’s containment and cleanup had been anywhere as good, the damage to the Gulf and surrounding area would have been minimized — Just as the OPA 1990 called for. But sadly, our incompetent Obowma and his incompetent minions were not prepared, and damage will be severe. Big Government, too big to fail, and that means who needs plans and procedures for things we know will never happen. So answer me, why did the government even bother to write the oil spill emergency containment and cleanup plans and procedures down?

Is there any wonder they have now made it a class D felony and a $40,000 fine for news people to report on what damage has been done. All in the name of transparency, I am sure.

Package Bomb Goes Off At Oil Company Executive’s House

July 12, 2010

A seemingly anonymous gift left on the front porch of a Houston home owned by an oil company executive has the city’s affluent population of oil profiteers on edge this weekend, after that package exploded and seriously injured a 62-year-old woman.

Neighbors of the victim told an ABC News affiliate in Houston that the bomb was disguised as a box of chocolates in a gift bag, left on the home’s doorstep around Thursday.

Instead, it contained what authorities described as a pipe bomb carrying a load of thumb tacks and nails. When she opened the package on Friday evening, standing on her back porch around 6:30, it resulted in shrapnel embedded across the woman’s face — injuries police said were not life-threatening.

Oil Is Moving

June 23, 2010

Meanwhile, Obama still hasn’t waived the Jones Act, so he can protect the unions, and none of the foreign offers has been accepted. BTW, Bush waived the Jones Act during Katrina within days of the storms end.

The AP, three hours ago:

Thick pools of oil from the spill in the Gulf of Mexico washed up along miles of Pensacola Beach overnight.

Dozens of workers used shovels Wednesday to scoop up the oil and orange-tinged sand. There were a few sunbathers at the beach, but no one was in the water.

Tar balls have been reported as far west as Panama City and heavier oil is predicted to wash ashore further east along the coast line in the coming days.

Ra Roh Ruh …

June 17, 2010
71% Say Government Response To Oil Leak Important To Their Vote

Rasmussen: Seventy-one percent (71%) of U.S. Voters rate the government’s response to the Gulf oil leak as at least somewhat important in terms of how they will vote in November, with 35% who say it is Very Important.

And hurray for the rule of law. At least one person who doesn’t wear panties and bras has the balls to stand up for it. Courts decide what companies should pay and how it is paid out … Not presidential thugs.

The courts finally closed off the Exxon Valdez payouts at around $24 billion

Who Is In Charge ?

June 16, 2010

The President shall direct all Federal, State, and private actions to remove a discharge or mitigate or prevent the threat of a discharge from onshore or offshore facilities which is determined to be a substantial threat to the public health or welfare of the United States.—Clean Water Act 311 (c) (2)  (Link)

So the statute, which derived from the 1990 OPA says Obama, the incompetent, is in change.

Labor Unions and Jones Act Continue to Block Oil Spill Cleanup

June 12, 2010

Want to know why the Saudi skimming tankers were not sent to the Gulf to CONTAIN the oil spill before it covered the Gulf? Ah Hah — You knew it was the unions holding up cleanup, didn’t you? Does Obama care more about protecting unions than cleaning up oil spill? Apparently so — Why hasn’t he accepted cleanup help from friends overseas?”

Today, we have another report on the Jones Act. Pay special attention to the words of James Carafano from the Heritage Foundation:

Jones Act Slowing Oil Spill Cleanup?
by: Brian Wilson
Fox News
June 10, 2010…After 50 plus days of oil flowing freely into the gulf, the question could be asked: Why do effective and proven foreign clean up ships remain on the sidelines? Carafano believes it may have something to do with the Obama administration’s close relationship with labor unions.

“Cause this is a big thing for unions,” Carafano said. “The unions see it as … protecting jobs. They hate when the Jones Act gets waived, and they pound on politicians when they do that. So … are we giving in to unions and not doing everything we can, or is there some kind of impediment that we don’t know about?

Does Obama care more about his union allies than he does for the environment and the people along the Gulf? What would America do without FNC? You decide!


June 12, 2010

In the days following the Gulf oil spill, President Obama requested that the Secretary of the Interior conduct a 30-day review of the offshore drilling program in the United States and issue a report with recommendations. This report was to be “peer reviewed” by a team of seven engineers recommended by the National Academy of Engineering.

The team of engineers reviewed, approved and signed off on a version of the 30-day review that was presented to them by the Administration. However, after they signed their names to this document, a significant change was made—a change that led to the 6-month suspension of deepwater exploratory drilling. Click HERE and HERE to view the section of the report that was changed after the scientists signed off on the report.

William LaJuenesse, a reporter with the Fox News Channel filed this report earlier today on this very topic:

Click HERE to watch this report

More here:

Basically, the Obama Administration lied about the justification for their drilling ban, the peer-reviewed report submitted was modified by the Obama Administration and they got caught with their lies.

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