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October 23, 2013


More bad news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to HOUSEHOLD DATA, Table A-9. Selected employment indicators, Full-time Jobs fell 560k while Part-time Jobs increased 702k. According to the Non-seasonally adjusted data (NSA).


From the party that cares for women … Employment among women hits 24-year low…

You’ve Been Transformed … From FullTime To Part Time

October 21, 2013

40 becomes 30 … And then AMNETSY means those jobs become minimum wage or less…

Most full-time workers get medical-insurance benefits in their pay package; most part-time workers don’t.

But early next year, under the Affordable Care Act, part-timers will be eligible for medical benefits that rival those of full-timers. And as a direct result, predicts University of Chicago economics professor Casey Mulligan, the ACA will create a new set of incentives that will boost the share of workers employed part time, probably by quite a lot.


There is also a different set of ACA-induced incentives favoring part-time work. Under rules that have recently been delayed until 2015, Obamacare will require businesses with 50 employees or more to provide medical insurance for full-timers, but won’t require it when employees work less than 30 hours a week. Whether or not employers are already creating part-time jobs in lieu of full-time to anticipate this rule, it is bound to have a noticeable influence once the rules do take effect in 2015.

The Screwed By Obama, Generation

October 17, 2013

OK you clapping seals, see what you have done to yourselves …


$123,000 per American worker…

Do you think your minimum wage salary, and part time jobs will ever be able to pay this off???

Debt slaves, one and all … And isn’t that the point …

Retail Sales Slow As Shopping Season Heats Up

October 16, 2013

People and their part time jobs have no money left for extras … And think what AMNESTY will do to you?

It is clear that the consumer was already feeling the pressure of the surge in interest rates, higher energy and food costs and stagnant wages. 


And Then We Move To The Next Crisis

October 16, 2013


Trading your job to a minimum wage illegal..::: Obama vows immigration push after fiscal crisis ends…

You in? So part time jobs, at minimum wage. what could be wrong with that?

The destruction of America’s middle class will be complete.

Our screwed generation.

So Now What …

September 30, 2013

Our economy has been shutting down for the last five years. Anybody care? And what are we going to do about that?

So why should we care about government. Do they care that we give 100s of billions to the terrorists each year, because we will not drill for our own oil. Think about that for a while.Why not we just lay off all the non-essential personnel? Get to the bottom of the problem …

Employment is down and dropping, regardless what the government numbers say … You are being reduced to part-time work, because of Obamacare, your salary is being cut by AMNESTY. So what are you going to do … Take Your Pick: Default or Hyperinflation … Democrats do this same thing every time …

It was the sequester and the horror that would bring. When that didn’t happen, oh well forget that.

Forward …

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Elaborate Public Benefits, For Public Workforce?

September 14, 2013

Is now a drag on our country. See how well it’s worked out in bankupt cities areound the country …::: SCOTT SHACKFORD: Even Public Workers Know Ailing Cities Need to Change Their Benefits Systems.

It just simply is not susainable, and has to be reformed.

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