Going Down …

October 30, 2013

Is it any wonder??? … Obama approval at all-time low

Did he mention his new regulations, which ,made your plans illegal??? Obama blames ‘bad apple insurers’ for canceled health plans…
‘Just shop around’…
Heckled during speech…

It’s Hard To Defend The Indefensible

October 30, 2013

The bad news with this lie, it takes not intrepretation to see it for what it is … Just a bald faced lie to get the dumb healthcare plan passed …

THE HILL: White House struggles to defend Obama healthcare claim. “The White House on Tuesday struggled to defend President Obama’s 2009 claim that people could keep their old health insurance under ObamaCare as thousands of people received notifications that their insurance companies were dropping their plans.”

Left In The Dark

October 29, 2013

MSNBC: Numerous Examples Of Obama Appearing To Be Left In The Dark

Sure but I have some swampland out in the Everglades that I swear is dry land … Wanna buy? Honest I wouldn’t lie to you…

It Won’t End Well

October 28, 2013

What does the term fixable really mean?

Is it the same fixable, as tested in the first place meant??? Remember the lies that came before.

JOHN FUND: Can This Website Really Be Saved? Obama’s “tech surge” fixers say all will be well in five weeks, but IT experts are dubious.


Now There IS At Least One

October 27, 2013

Ted Cruz at 2013 Iowa Ronald Reagan Dinner “Together We Can Restore the Shining City On a Hill”

Everytime I listen to Senator Ted Cruz, I feel I can do anything actually. I love his delivery which usually comes with no notes, standing away from the podium and closer to the stage to seemingly be closer to the people he is addressing. Senator Ted Cruz is a model for those that want to make change against an establishment that doesn’t think it’s doing anything wrong. Washington is broken. You hear that from those elected by us almost on a daily basis. Yet, the same ones never put measures in place to fix it.

Senator Cruz visited Iowa last night and delivered a powerful, heart-filled speech once again. Here is the full video

Ted Cruz’s grassroots: The new Reagan Revolution?

Bogus Stories, Or Obama Lies If You Care …

October 25, 2013

White House Tries To Float Bogus Story About GOP Leader Trashing Obama, Gets Caught.

Flop sweat.

The Establishment Speaks …

October 24, 2013

Norman Ornstein: Buck Stops With Obama on Rocky Rollout of Health Care Plan.

“I view the problem in a broader way. It is the larger failure of public administration that has been endemic in the Obama White House, and is probably the president’s most significant weakness.” He’s not very competent, and like most people who aren’t very competent, he tends to hire people who are no more competent than he. As they say: First rate people hire first rate people. Second rate people hire third rate people.

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