Comcast Still Not Interested in Usage-Based Pricing

February 29, 2012

Responding to Time Warner Cable’s latest usage-based pricing experiment, Comcast executives say they still have no intention of experimenting with metered billing. “We have a very high customer satisfaction rating and we don’t really want to rock the boat on that product,” Comcast chief financial officer Michael Angelakis told attendees this week at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom conference in San Francisco. “I give them credit for trying different things,” Angelakis said of Time Warner Cable’s efforts. “We have real momentum in that business and the goal is to keep it.”

In other words, Comcast faces competition from uncapped Verizon FiOS in far more markets than Time Warner Cable does, and would prefer not to shoot themselves in the foot. While saying they have “very high” customer satisfaction rankings (they’ve traditionally fallen into the bottom half of rankings), the company doesn’t want to lose any of the ranking gains they’ve seen over the last few years by imposing confusing and/or punitive new pricing models that aren’t really necessary in the first place.

High customer satisfaction for Comcast?

Am I missing something here?

At least my high speed connection works, with minimum downtime.


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