Uh-Oh: Is This Friday Going To Bring A Dramatic End To Occupy Wall Street?

October 13, 2011

It could be a very interesting scene at Occupy Wall Street this Friday.

Azi Paybarah at Capital New York reports that the owners of Zuccotti Square, Brookfield Properties, has sent a letter to the NYPD asking for help in clearing and cleaning the park for “sanitation” purposes.

And though Bloomberg doesn’t want to forcibly remove everyone, he has asked that the protesters leave Friday for “cleaning” the park, after which they can return.

We’d be pretty surprised if anything like a temporary cleaning of the park goes smoothly, or if protesters willingly go along with the cleaning (again, even if it’s temporary). (See update below).

So something dramatic could happen.


Obama Has A Dream

August 30, 2009

Not quite the same as the one ML KIng had, nor the one that most Americans cherish, freedom and liberty, but doing things the way Hugo Chavez does in Venezuela.

If you watch the IV you will see the Tea Party protesters called everything the state run media can dream up. I wonder why that is, when the ACORN people, who really are thugs, beat people and rig election are not talked about. When the Tea Party protesters are not paid nor orgabnized by anyone but themselves, but the union thiugs pay their protesters in the best AstroTurf tradition $15 an hour to stand with their store pained signs and reccite their cue card chants. Reall starange the behaviour of the State Run Media.

Venezuela Opposition Decries Attempt to ‘Criminalize Social Protest’

Members of the Venezuelan opposition denounced Saturday the attempt to “criminalize social protest,” while rejecting the announcement by the Attorney General’s Office that it will put on trial all who “for whatever purpose march” to supposedly “destabilize the government.”

Attorney General Luisa Ortega said Friday that some people are “looking for any reason to march … to create chaos,” and that “such conduct corresponds perfectly to the crime of civil rebellion,” for which local law establishes penalties of 12 to 24 years in jail.

AG Ortega made the statement in referring to the “violent incidents that occurred in the opposition march last weekend to protest the Organic Education Law,” as expressed in a communique from the AG office released Friday.

The secretary general of the traditional social democratic party Democratic Action (AD), Henry Ramos, on Saturday described as “abominable” and “strange” the position of Venezuela’s attorney general.

For Ramos, Ortega’s manner is part of a “synchronized reaction by the government and representatives of the armed forces and the AG office” towards the supposed growing popular discontent.

In the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, “they’re scared, worried, because most people are peacefully exercising their constitutional right to protest without previous examinations or conditions,” the social democratic leader said.

So America may be showing Venezuelans how it’s done?

It’s an old trick — The key point is the government organized protesters, usually do the violence or stage the violence, and then try and blame the opposition protesters. The State Run Media knows how it works, it’s just that these days their is no difference between the State Run Media and the Obama administration.

Dream on Obama, Americans know how to organize a community, for real. And Americans know, the U.S. Constitution protects their right to assemble and do so.

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