IRS Scandal

October 9, 2013

There was a day when using the IRS for political purposes was the kiss of death. Think Nixon … But now.

How many people thought the IRS scandal was a bunch of low level people in Cincinnati?


And then you wonder how did the White HOuse get Romney’s tax returns? Remember Harry Reid’s stupid story about a friend told him?

Well this should destroy that.

NSA’s Long Sordid History

September 26, 2013

The NSA spied on MLK, Spied on Mohamand Ali, And Members of Congress during the Vietnam war.

And of course NIXON got impeached, in part due to IRS spying. No word YET on how Nixon used the NSA yet???

It’s classified, don’t you know?

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IRS Scandal: Taking The Fall

September 23, 2013

Fellow travellers and ideologues need no orders … IRS OFFICIAL AT HEART OF TEA PARTY SCANDAL RETIRES

She just had too, for the sake of our Obomba. Retires with benefits???

UPDATE: REPORT: Internal investigation found Lerner ‘neglect of duties’…

IRS Scandal …

September 23, 2013

WALL STREET JOURNAL: The IRS Hit List Democrats Don’t Want You To See.(MUST SEE VIDEO at the link)

Thuggery Nixon style …

IRS Scandal …

September 19, 2013

Election fixing …

INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY: Growing IRS Scandal Requires A Special Prosecutor.

“This scandal reeks of criminality and, at the very least, constitutes an attempt by a government agency to sway the 2012 election.”

Nixon would be proud of the media …



Didn’t the media used to be on the side of the people???

NSA UPDATE … His Spying Eyes

September 8, 2013

You knew they did, didn’t you … They paid the tech companies for the backdoor access…::: NSA Has Full “Back Door” Access To iPhone, BlackBerry And Android Smartphones, Documents Reveal

… And while the biggest scandal of the Obama administration continues to get ever bigger, and makes Nixon look like an amateur, what is the response? Why a media that aside for a few outlets remains mute… and diversion from the administration of course, in the form of war and hundreds of thousands about to die just to keep the president in his seat.

It’s hard to choose the biggest Obama scandal, isn’t it?

Obama administration had restrictions on NSA reversed in 2011…

Can Spy on Smart Phone Data…

MAking Congress To Appear Irrevelant

August 28, 2013

Becuase they are run by Republicans … Making Congress appear illegetimate … Indeed.

JOHN FUND writes:

Oh my, how liberals have learned to love the imperial presidency they used to so scorn when Richard Nixon or George W. Bush was in office. Last night, I appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight with Mary Anne Marsh, a Democratic consultant whose clients have included the late Ted Kennedy and John Kerry, our current secretary of state. Armed with the latest Democratic talking points, she dismissed any need for Obama to consult with what she dismissed as “a special Congress.”

Marsh is worth quoting at length:

There is a special Congress that we’re dealing with right now that has the lowest popularity rating in history and Republicans who overwhelmingly would oppose taking any action. The president of the United States cannot be handcuffed by the same Republicans that are holding the rest of the country hostage on every other issue. That is wrong.

She then dismissed the fact that President Bush sought a vote authorizing combat operations in Iraq in 2002. He won approval from both houses, including a hostile Senate controlled by obstructionist Democrats. That was clearly “a special Congress.” But Marsh was unimpressed with that argument: “President Bush was clearly looking for political cover — he got it. And so many of the people who voted for those wars now regret it.”

OK define special??? And low ratings in lamestream polls mean nothing

This NRO article is a good read, to figure out the Democrats.

But apparently the world doesn’t see The Obama this way.

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