And Without A Telepromter

October 29, 2013

Is that clear …?

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Retreat …

October 27, 2013

Rubio retreats: Comprehensive immigration bill wrong way to go…


If You Like Your Plan You Can’t Keep It

October 26, 2013

Not quite the way it was sold …


Get Moving ….

October 24, 2013

GOP, Get Moving Now.

Yes, is a disaster. Yes, ObamaCare seems to fall apart a little more each day. Yes, a delay of the individual mandate could be imminent. Yes, the entirety of ObamaCare will be a mess. And yes, the GOP should be pointing out these things consistently.

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Intel’s NUC

October 20, 2013

Intel NUC Kit (Model D54250WYK)

Intel NUC D54250WYK SFF System Review – Haswell Update

Here is a short video … PC for your TV, just add Linux/Android of your choice …

HHS Spends $1.5 Million On Obamacare TV Propaganda Studio

October 15, 2013

It’s absolutely obscene.  The Department of Health and Human Services spent $1.5 Million of our taxpayer money in FY2012 on a TV studio.  They use the studio almost exclusively to pump out Obamacare propaganda.

According to the Washington Free Beacon,


It’s Beginning

October 14, 2013

Canada wants to force cable companies to unbundle TV

Canada’s cable TV subscribers could soon have the ability to subscribe to just the channels they actually watch: Canada’s Industry Minister James Moore recently said on a local TV show that his government is going to require pay TV providers to unbundle their offerings and offer TV channels a la carte, according to Reuters. Any such move would likely be watched closely by both cable companies and consumers in the U.S., where TV executives have long said that unbundling would actually make TV more expensive for consumers.

You are paying for what you don’t want ... That’s the definition of bundles.


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