How Not To Do This Spy Thing

October 25, 2013

Report: USA Spied on 35 World Leaders

The Hill reported:

The NSA spied on 35 world leaders and encouraged the State and Defense departments to turn over their “rolodexes” of contacts to help its monitoring efforts, The Guardian reported on Thursday.

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Government Blew It

October 25, 2013

Finger pointing what big govenment failure is best at … Obamacare Website Contractors Point Fingers Back at Obama Admin.

Contractors who built the web portal for the Obama administration’s health insurance marketplace said Thursday the site’s crippling problems trace back to insufficient testing and changes that government officials made just prior to going live.

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There Goes Your Money

October 18, 2013

Dollar Fades on Fed Worries… Yields on the 10-year Treasury note, which move inversely to prices, were down to 2.55%, while the dollar continued its slide against the euro, which rose to $1.3695 from $1.3675 late Thursday in New York, edging closer to this year’s high of $1.3711 reached on Feb. 1. The dollar fell further against the pound, which traded just above the $1.62 level for the first time in two weeks, and resumed its drop against the yen, fetching ¥97.65 from ¥97.93.

Printing money does nothing except cause inflation …


Netflix Goes HD

September 28, 2013

Clearer video for everyone! Or at least for some.

Netflix is now offering Super HD, its highest-quality streaming video, to all of its customers, the company announced in a blog post on Thursday, expanded from a limited rollout in January.

But some netflix customers still might not be able to use Super HD all the time, because some Internet service providers haven’t joined a network Netflix designed to keep Internet congestion low.


Hruathammer Weighs In On Syria

August 28, 2013

He is one you may want to listen to … Video. As we watch Obama turns into Bush, and uses his same reasoning, for the same result. When will we ever learn, it’s a false choice.

Proof I say.


So what, I say!!! Everybody knows the captian lies. Bush lies, is all we heard for years.

Zero Hedge Has This story … ::: Obama Administration To Release “Proof” Of Assad’s Culpability As Early As Thursday

With the 22 Arab League member stopping well short of endorsing outside military action – though urging the UN to agree on ‘deterrent’ measures – the burden of proof for attacking the Assad regime remains firmly on the shoulders of the US. As as the WaPo reports that the administration is planning to release evidence possibly as soon as Thursday, that it will say proves that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad bears responsibility for what U.S. officials have called an “undeniable” chemical attack that killed hundreds on the outskirts of the Syrian capital.

So killing 100,000 with conventional weapons is OK, but killing a 1,000 with chemocal weapons is bad. Say what??? How does that exactly work? And what threat to the USA is found in that, tough guy. Shouldn’t we have done something a year ago?

Somehow I think our amateur tough guy has got himself boxed in and sees this as his way out.

Sweaters In The South

August 17, 2013

Summer chill: Atlanta breaks century-old cold temperature record…

Atlanta’s high temperature on Thursday was only 73 degrees which is the coolest high temperature on record for August 15.

The previous record was a high of only 77 degrees from 1908.

Why is it sweater weather in South?

Yes it’s been anything but a hot summer summer in South Florida, where summertime temperatures are usually in the 90s daily, feels more like December down here … Over cast or rain  all day long, where highs have been in the high 80s.

Could it be because the Sahara dust cloud cover the south Atlantic?

We Need More Navigators

August 17, 2013

The Perils of Pauline don’t come anywhere near explaining what you must do?

NOTE — Everything with O is unexpectedly — On Thursday, the Obama Administration unexpectedly handed out $13 million more than the $54 million in grants it originally budgeted for Obamacare “navigators,” including $655,000 to abortion provider Planned Parenthood : OBAMACARE ‘NAVIGATORS’ RECEIVE $13 MILLION MORE THAN ORIGINALLY BUDGETED

Funny our old health care system didn’t need big government navigators … Back then you knew when you needed a doctor, and knew what to do … And who to go see, it was simple.

Times change when you are run around, inside the big government labyrinth. Like mice in a cage.

Navigators hit about privacy … Attorneys general raise privacy concerns over ObamaCare navigators

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