There’s A Book Coming Out Today That Has The White House Freaked Out

September 20, 2011

Read what happens when you elect a know nothing President ….

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Suskind is out with a new book today on President Barack Obama’s economic team that has the White House rattled.

The book, “Confidence Men: Wall Street, Washington, and the Education of a President,” reveals a disorganized — and at times insubordinate — staff working under Obama, and an inexperienced president struggling to control them.

“The administration’s domestic policy was fast becoming a debate society run by Larry Summers,” Suskind writes. “Obama would sit on high, trying to judge if there was any shared ground between the competing debate teams that might coalesce into a policy.”

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3 a.m. Obama Call

July 30, 2011



Tim Geithner: “Hel.. Hello?”

Obama – slightly out of breath: “I need your help. You can’t ask why. You can’t ask where. But I need to bury an economy. Can I count on you?”

TG: “Of course, but one question: Why did you dial my cell? I’m lying at the foot of your bed.”

Obama: breathing

TG: “I can see you.”

Obama: “ummmm”

TG: “Forget it. I’ve got some shovels in my van.”

Run with it, morons. Think. Who else does Obama call?

Obamaville is out killing all the pigeons in the park, for food.

Debt-ceiling D-Day gets pushed back (again)

July 27, 2011

Getting funny, there is no default unless Obama forces it.

There is no Obama plan, just lies does little Timmy know there is no plan from our leader???

First, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner warned Congress that if they didn’t act to raise the debt ceiling by early July there would be negative consequences for the market.

Then, Geithner tagged August 2 as America’s default deadline.

Now, thanks to some “maneuvering” by the Treasury Department, the U.S. government has apparently discovered some extra cash and D-Day for the debt ceiling is August 10.

This is a very different message than the president’s threats that Social Security payments would halt on Aug. 2. Instead, the NYTimes warns that those checks will stop the following week.

Get ready for yet another week of political ping-pong.

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