Hide The Increases: MPD Staff Routinely Changed Crime Codes

June 13, 2012

Crime codes are used by the FBI crime statistics department to total crime reports. it gives a glimpse into how various police units around the country are doing.

JS-Online reports:

Milwaukee police record clerks have routinely changed computer codes by hand in a way that removes serious assaults from the city’s violent crime rate, a Journal Sentinel investigation has found.

This is done even when the department’s computer system flags the incidents as cases where an aggravated assault classification is warranted because a dangerous weapon was used.

Instead of correcting the report to put the incident in the proper crime category, in hundreds of cases clerks or supervisors changed the weapon listing to generic codes that avoided triggering additional scrutiny by state and FBI crime analysts.

That allowed the incidents to be reported as simple assaults, a lesser classification that is not part of the city’s violent crime rate, which Police Chief Edward Flynn and Mayor Tom Barrett have touted as dropping for four consecutive years.

While Flynn has blamed computer issues for more than 500 cases of misreported aggravated assaults identified by a Journal Sentinel investigation in May, a review of the process shows any computer shortcomings are exacerbated by clerks who department officials now acknowledge handled cases incorrectly.

That’s one way to lower crime rates, just hide the increases, by filtering the data that gets entered. I assume they learned from the global warming fear mongers and their “hide the decline” statistics calculations.

Gov. Scott Walker’s Recall Victory Speech!

June 6, 2012

Here is Gov. Scott Walker’s full victory speech after a historic win tonight. He’s the first Governor to win a recall.

Watch below:


Thank you Tea Party

Chuck Norris Is Here: ‘We Have No Time to Lose’: Chuck Norris Enters the Ring on the Side of Gov. Scott Walker

June 4, 2012

The election is tommorrow, and I sure hope no one stays home, and we have to send Chuck out to get ya.

This is hip. Much better than lying Injun is Massachusetts.

Internet meme and iconic actor Chuck Norris– the man who inspired countless phrases like “Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door” and “Chuck Norris is why Waldo is hiding”– has joined the political fray in Wisconsin on the side of Governor Scott Walker, and is wasting no time in galvanizing the man’s supporters.

He wrote in an article Sunday:

“Wisconsin Democrats, Washington elite and insiders, and liberal special interests have joined together to fight for the recall of Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin in Tuesday’s election. But last Friday, when I saw them also send in the big guns, former President Bill Clinton himself, against Gov. Walker, I knew I had to enter the ring, too.”

The article is aptly titled, “President Bill Clinton Vs. Scott Walker and Me.”

Where Dems Fear to Tread

May 31, 2012

National Democrats quarantine Wisconsin in lead-up to recall …

I wonder why this is? Isn’t this the gauge of Union power, unions forcing States to pay them salaries they cannot afford ? And retirement benefits they cannot sustain? Many a State has buckled under the strain, my State of Florida is creaking under the union grasp. What could go wrong, Democrat vote the lucrative contracts and union workers give money to Democrats, so they can keep the ball rolling. What could be the problem?

Simple the people found out, and it very much appears that the public servants now make twice what the average worker who pays the salary makes.

National Democrats are distancing themselves from the Badger State as Wisconsin’s recall election approaches.

Incumbent Republican governor Scott Walker has campaigned with such national GOP luminaries as Govs. Bobby Jindal (R., La.), Nikki Haley (R., S.C.), Chris Christie (R., N.J.), and Bob McDonnell (R., Va.). However, Democratic challenger Tom Barrett, the mayor of Milwaukee, has not been able to bring similar firepower to bear.

“I don’t think national Democrats want to touch Wisconsin with a 10-foot pole,” said Wisconsin GOP spokesman Ben Sparks in an interview with the Free Beacon.

Walker enjoys a seven-point lead over Barrett in the latest public polling. That is consistent with the last several months of polling, which has shown Walker holding a five-point lead. Walker’s strength has been attributed to increasing support for Walker’s policies and voter fatigue with recalls.

Barrett has struggled to attract high-profile national surrogates to campaign with him on the stump.

Isn’t this always the case with public sector unions? Eventually the people find out how the money laundering works, and don’t like it one bit.

Gov. Walker: Our secret weapon is the truth … and truth is what Democrats fear most.

Clicl for video … 1664065700001

Gov Walker Recall Election: Barrett Has No Ideas for Job Creation

May 30, 2012

Tom Barrett, the Democrat hoping to oust Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the June 5 recall election, couldn’t say how he would bring jobs to Wisconsin, despite using a discredited report to indict Walker on the issue of job creation.

Wisconsin — It’s a revenge election, pure and simple.

The Weekly Standard reports:

Barrett said that, if elected, he will call a special session of the legislature, but that session will focus on restoring collective bargaining, not creating jobs. “Then again, [job creation] might be an area where we’ll work with legislators and others, and clearly if there’s good ideas, we’ll implement them as soon as we can,” Barrett added. But he had no specific job creation ideas of his own to offer.

Asked by a local reporter if he would keep any of Walker’s policies in place, Barrett replied: “What I’m going to look at—I’m going to look at the basic right to organize. That’s where I’m going to focus my energies—to restore the right to organize and the right to bargain.”

One more time, Businesses are created to make a PROFIT, for the business owner, not to create jobs. Jobs are a byproduct of the business, when the business wants to grow and expand, or more precisely, the owner wants to grow the business, and needs workers to expand.

Businesses are not for the purpose of creating jobs, or providing health Care, that was the way of the old Soviet Union Communists, that ran Russia into the ground.

Got it?

Breaking Poll: Walker Up 8 in WI, 50-42

May 24, 2012

Other Polls recently have had Walker up by 6-10 points, so this one os right in there.

Breitbart News has received an exclusive first-look at a poll to be released tomorrow morning by Reason. The Reason-Rupe Poll, conducted May 14-18, shows Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker moving into a commanding lead in his recall race. Walker now leads his opponent, Democrat Tom Barrett, by 8 points, 50%-42% among likely voters.

Public sector unions have spent tens of millions of their members’ dollars attacking Gov. Walker and his budget reforms. This union effort has clearly failed, as the Reason poll finds strong support for many of Walker’s key reforms. From the report to be released tomorrow morning:

The Reason-Rupe poll finds voters overwhelmingly support many of the key changes Gov. Walker and the legislature implemented on public sector pensions and health care last year.

Reason-Rupe finds 72 percent favor the change requiring public sector workers to increase their pension contributions from less than 1 percent to 6 percent of their salaries. And 71 percent favor making government employees pay 12 percent of their own health care premiums instead of the previous 6 percent.Taxpayers actually wish state lawmakers had cast an even larger net with their reforms. Police and firefighters were exempted from the pension and health care adjustments but 57 percent of taxpayers say they should not have been.

The Wisconsin recall is shaping up to be a disaster for the public sector unions. The entire purpose of the recall was to reverse course on Gov. Walker’s collective bargaining reforms. As these reforms have been implemented, without the doomsday scenarios predicted by BigLabor, and taxpayers realize savings of at least $1 billion already, they now command overwhelming support from voters. Any future governor would be hard-pressed to reverse course.

The problem is public sector unions thought the work for the Democrat Party, instead they work for the taxpayers, and they are few up with the graft and kickback scheme the Democrat Party and the Public Sector Unions have set up for themselves. And there is no better place to look for this than Wisconsin.

The kickback scam is not hard to understand, once the Tea Party got involved, it was a downhill slide all the way.

Tea Party Rally in support of Walker Feb 2012


With Recall Vote Days Away – New Study Shows Walker’s Reform Saved Wisconsin $1 Billion

May 23, 2012

Democrats had such high hopes just weeks ago that they would recall Governor Scott Walker and oust him from office. But their dreams are fading fast. With just two weeks to go before the election, Governor Walker holds a six point lead in the latest Marquette poll. This past weekend the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, by no means a conservative paper, endorsed Scott Walker in the governor’s race.

Sigh, the non-existent Tea Party … Here is a photo from last February …

THOUSANDS of Tea Party Patriots turned out in Madison, Wisconsin, to support of Republican Governor Scott Walker.

Bad news for public sector unions means good news for the citizens of Wisconsin. The reforms passed by Governor Walker and Wisconsin Republican lawmakers saved the state one billion dollars.

This comes from the Wisconsin Reporter:

While a lightning rod for controversy and recall, Wisconsin’s Act 10 has paid significant dividends to taxpayers, according to a new analysis by the Beacon Hill Institute for Public Policy Research, at Suffolk University in Boston.

Act 10, which curbed collective bargaining for most unionized public employees, in the whole has saved taxpayers more than $1 billion, according to The Economic Impacts of the Wisconsin Budget Repair Act. The study is slated for release this week by Beacon Hill Institute, a prominent free market think tank.

What the analysis found is that without the law, which in part requires covered public employees to contribute more to their benefits and holds wage increases to the rate of inflation, Badger State governments would have been forced to raise taxes or make deep job cuts to meet budget expenses.

As it was, Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-controlled Legislature pushed through reforms and reductions that filled a $3.6 billion budget shortfall, although organized labor asserts Republicans balanced the budget on the backs of public employees.

The measure drew the ire of organized labor and the Democratic Party, with tens of thousands of protesters packing the Capitol. Ultimately, it was the Walker-led reforms that launched a recall campaign in which the governor in two weeks must defend his term at the polls, facing Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in a historic gubernatorial recall election.

The Beacon Institute analysis argues the law may have been controversial, even divisive, but there’s no disputing its benefit to taxpayers.

The vote is two weeks away.

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