The Give Up Generation

October 22, 2013

Read slowly, does this make any sense??? Payrolls in U.S. Rise Less Than Forecast; Jobless Rate Falls

Hiring slows in Sept…

‘Significantly worse than expected’…

STAGNATION: September jobs report shows only 148K net jobs added. “The participation rates remained unchanged, with the civilian labor force participation rate remaining at its 35-year low.”

Where The September Jobs Were: Truck Drivers, Bureaucrats, Salesmen And Temps
As part of our monthly NFP-day tradition, we break down the monthly job gains (and losses) by industry. So here they are: in September the biggest job gaining sectors, accounting for 86K jobs or 58% of the total 148K jobs added, were the following  four industries:

  • Transportation and Warehousing: + 23K
  • Government: +22K
  • Retail Trade: +21K
  • Temp Help: +20K

In short: nearly two thirds of all jobs created in September (according to the BLS’ increasingly more flawed data so these numbers are likely completely made up)were truck drivers, bureaucrats, salespeople and temps.


Unprecedented : 6th Hindenburg Omen In 8 Days Sends Stocks Slumping

August 14, 2013

When the reality doesn’t matter and money printing is all that holds you up, and then they stop …

The current cluster of Hindenburg Omens is the most concentrated on record and today just made it worse. Critically, the Hindenburg Omen’s underlying construction is indicative of a market in deep confusion with momentum, advancers, decliners, new highs, and new lows all in divergence. For the 6th day in the last 8, the market has flashed another warning that all is not well in this ‘most levered ever’ equity market.

The red lights are blinking out to you …

Hidenburg Omen.


Citi Firing 11,000

December 5, 2012

Big news ahead of this Friday’s NFP report:


“Sandy’s fault?” or better yet, “Vikram’s fault.” Or maybe the economy is collapsing despite all the propaganda one is spoonfed. Considering the recent termination of over 50,000 by UBS we think we know the answer. And while C stock may jump on the news, the end result is that New York and the US have both just lost 11,000 less key taxpayers most of whom are almost certainly in the $250,000+ bucket. That said we can’t wait for the BLS to take this data as somehow beneficial for the unemployment rate.

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Slowly the US economic collaspe continues, as we hurl towards the turd world econopmy Obama wants for the USA.

It isn’t fair the American people are so smart. So how we gonna fix that?

European Banks Downgrade Fiat, Share Prices Tumble

November 24, 2012

Shares of Chrysler parent company Fiat SpA fell by 5.9 percent on Tuesday. Two European banks downgraded the company’s stock, with UBS AG dropping the company’s stock from a “buy” rating to “neutral.” Likewise, Deutsche Bank cut the company’s shares from “hold” to “sell” amid concerns that the company will need a new cash infusion to fund CEO Sergio Marchionne’s plans for the automaker. Marchionne has made it clear he plans to purchase the remainder of Chrysler, which will require Fiat to raise somewhere between 1.6 billion and 2.9 billion euros. That’s due in part to the fact that the company may have to start paying fair-market value for Chrysler stock as the company’s initial public offer grows near.

Bloomberg reports Marchionne is keen to increase the Fiat stake in Chrysler in order to access the profitable North American manufacturer’s cash flow. Fiat could then use those funds to jump start its ailing European operations, though Marchionne has been quoted as saying Fiat doesn’t need Chrysler’s cash to bring its EU business in line. Last quarter, Fiat reported 20 billion euros of available liquidity, down from 22.7 billion euros at the end of June

US TV networks suffer sharp dip in ratings

November 12, 2012

FT reports:

US broadcast networks are suffering a precipitous drop in television ratings so far this season, posing a significant threat to the system on which $70bn in television ads are traded each year.

Media executives argue that television watching is at an all-time high, with people viewing shows via digital recorders, on-demand videos and online streaming to computers and mobile devices.

However, executives say that the Nielsen ratings system used in the television business does not accurately capture that shift in viewership, and that they will push the industry to develop new standards so that they get paid for the additional viewing.

So far this season, average primetime ratings for live and same-day viewing among 18-49-year-olds has fallen by more than 10 per cent for ABC, CBS and Fox, according to UBS investment research. Fox has suffered the largest decline, with ratings in that audience group falling by nearly a third so far this season.

Only Comcast’s  NBC has registered a season-to-date increase in average primetime ratings among 18-49 year olds, up 22 per cent.

Stupid shows don’t need no ratings. Odd that one goes up and the rest goes down, doesn’t sound like a case for new metrics.

Have you watched any of these dumb shows? Me Neither, I ROKU.

Jobless Claims Rise Again

October 18, 2012

The Department of Labor just released its latest report of weekly unemployment insurance claims.



Weekly jobless claims rebounded 46,000 to a seasonally adjusted 388,000, according to the Labor Department.

Initial claims from two weeks ago were revised up to 342,000 from an original reading of 339,000

Last week’s report shocked economists when it unexpectedly dropped.  The market was looking for 370k.

According to a Department of Labor economists, the bulk of the drop was due to expected claims that weren’t filed by one large unnamed state.

“We suspect that the start of a new quarter plus the expiration of federal emergency benefits in some states delivered a downward bias to last week’s initial jobless claims figure and forecast a bounce in the week of Oct 13,” writes UBS economist Maury Harris in a note to clients today.

Carnival too big to let Concordia sink profits

January 23, 2012

On an average day, about 50,000 people around the world board cruise ships to start their vacations. Half of them set to sea on a vessel owned by Carnival Corp, the industry leader based in Doral.

Those odds help explain why analysts think the world’s largest cruise company will suffer only a temporary setback as it grapples with the Costa Concordia, a shipwrecked Italian vessel blamed for at least 12 deaths.

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