Death By Democracy

August 1, 2013

Death by democracy. They over whelm the system and then divide the spoils :


Steven Rattner, who administered the bailout of part of the Detroit-based portion of America’s automobile industry, says, “Apart from voting in elections, the 700,000 remaining residents of the Motor City are no more responsible for Detroit’s problems than were the victims of Hurricane Sandy for theirs.” Congress, he says, should bail out Detroit because “America is just as much about aiding those less fortunate as it is about personal responsibility.”

Or WHY our country is not a democracy… But a representative Republic, at least before Obama. And now we are skating with tyranny … Liberalism by imposition, it’s the only way you will accept their flawed doctrine, not by choice. Free choice will always do the opposite of what liberals want you to do. Examine it in your quiet time, see if that isn’t right.

You knew it was stupid to vote on the bill before no one had even read it … And that is for the most massive change in our economy ever. Would you allow that???




March 30, 2013

Michigan’s controversial right-to-work legislation went into effect Thursday night amid last minute contract maneuvers by teachers unions and a number of protests around the state that appeared to have a very weak turnout. The law stops the practice of forcing workers to pay union dues.

Right-to-work was passed in December by the state’s Republican legislature and signed into law by Republican Governor Rick Synder. Unions and Democrat politicians have waged a public battle against right-to-work legislation, which they fear will significantly hamper union political power.

As reported previously on Breitbart News, many teachers unions across Michigan have tried to keep money flowing into union coffers as long as possible by negotiating long term, last minute contracts that extend requirements to pay unions dues or fines for non-membership. In the days just prior to the new law going into effect, a number of unions across the state chose this tactic.

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AUTO BAILOUT BOMBSHELL: Fiat Says Chrysler, Jeep Production May Move to Italy

October 29, 2012

Last week it was Jeep moving to China when it was just parts production. But now it really is all Jeep production which Fiat is discussing, they want it back in Italy for the jobs most likely. It’s all about jobs who gets them who loses them…

Report: FIAT now says Jeep may move to Italy…:

Coming hot on the heels of speculation that some Jeep production may be moved to China comes a bombshell from a Bloomberg report. Fiat is now considering moving Chrysler and Jeep production to Italy.

According to the piece, “To counter the severe slump in European sales, (Fiat CEO Sergio) Marchionne is considering building Chrysler models in Italy, including Jeeps, for export to North America. The Italian government is evaluating tax rebates on export goods to help Fiat. Marchionne may announce details of his plan as soon as Oct. 30, the people said.”

So, let’s be real clear here, we are talking about vehicles that will be built in Italy and exported to America. The evidence is clear that Fiat is looking at ways to move production of vehicles from the US to elsewhere, whether it be China or Italy, costing American jobs. This is becoming indisputable, despite outcries from certain parties to the contrary.

Mitt Romney has rightfully criticized the Obama Administration for handing over Chrysler to the Italians and now leaving the fate of American workers in the hands of Fiat management. Fiat is not a healthy company and the auto industry is in as great a risk as ever. The insistence that all is well by those with political motivations does not mask the danger. More jobs are at risk of being lost and more taxpayer money may be lost as well.

Let’s face it, the auto bailouts were not well thought out. Perhaps General Motors’ CEO, Dan Akerson, said it best when he said, “The good thing about our bankruptcy is that it took only 39 days. The bad news is that bankruptcy took only 39 days. If we had been there longer, people would have asked these questions and looked at these things.”

The whole auto industry bailout process was rushed through with the wrong primary motivation of protecting the politically powerful UAW’s interests. The Obama Administration never considered that giving Chrysler to Fiat was not a great idea and could eventually hurt the same UAW workers it was trying to protect. Manufacturers like Chrysler and GM are at a competitive disadvantage due to UAW obligations that were not properly addressed in the bankruptcy process. The industry is more competitive than ever and the government does not seem to be the best innovators to lead the sector to real health. This truth is very likely to become more apparent when the political season ends.

Obama GM Success Story, OR Bad Joke

September 5, 2012

Tonight’s DNC celebration of the massive redistribution of wealth from American taxpayers to…foreign auto plants and overseas auto workers. Tonight’s speakers will wrap the auto bailout in red, white, and blue. The antidote to their narrative-warping is for the GOP to amplify the voices of the victims of Obama/Big Labor cronyism and command-and-control market meddling: the Delphi workers, thebondholders, the dealers, the ripped-off taxpayers, and the rule of law. Seize the day, seize the narrative.

Cue “Fanfare for the Common Man” and rev up the Government Motors engines. Wednesday is Great American Auto Bailout Day at the Democratic National Convention. Party propagandists have prepared a prime-time-ready film touting the “rescue’s” benefits for American workers. UAW President Bob King will sing the savior-in-chief’s praises.

GM Stock was $33 dollars, approximate when the federal government took it over and gave it to the UAW, it is now (today) selling for approximate $22.64. Some success, wouldn’t you say. Apparently the market has a different opinion. How would you see your stock if you owned GM?

Obama: Let’s Repeat Auto Industry Success With Every Manufacturing Industry

August 9, 2012

What success is that? Care to let us all in on the secret success? Bankruptcy would have produced a stronger GM, than the current slow motion failure we are now watching. Mitt knows business, Obama nothing that anyone couldn’t learn in the outback of military Junta in Indonesia.

GM’s success still has about $45 Billion in payback still owed to the treasury. That’s after destroying the jobs and pensions of non-union workers, to try and make the UAW hole. Yes there is a W missing..

So now Obama wants to take over all manufacturing industry in the USA, just like his mentor commie Frank Marshall Davis wanted. Hey that’s how they do it in Commie China. Why not do it in America as well.

Here is ‘bama tooting his lies for the uninformed. Just hoped out of the choom wagon, ehh?

Politico reports:

President Obama, while villifying Mitt Romney for opposing the auto industry bailout, bragged about the success of his decision to provide government assistance and said he now wants to see every manufacturing industry come roaring back.

What else has he got, but try and make Romney out as the worst villain in the history of America? Does he want to try and make the case who is the worst Preezy? Our play President. Hates working, loves playing.

“I said, I believe in American workers, I believe in this this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back,” he said. “Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.

“I don’t want those jobs taking root in places like China, I want those jobs taking root in places like Pueblo,” Obama told a crowd gathered for a campaign rally at the Palace of Agriculture at the Colorado State Fairgrounds here.

He made the remarks while pushing for the renewal of a tax credit for wind energy manufacturing – something Romney opposes – and for the creation of credits for companies who bring jobs home from overseas, as well as the elimination of loopholes for offshoring.

“Gov. Romney brags about his private sector experience, but it was mostly invested in companies, some of which were called ‘pioneers of outsourcing,’” Obama said. “I don’t want to be a pioneer of outsourcing. I want to insource.”

Clarification: This post was updated to reflect the president’s intent to express his support for manufacturing success. An earlier version was unclear about his intent.

The problem there were no successes other than stuffing GM with government vehicle purchases. Chrysler did need the vehicles, their production is running flat out. It’s only GM that has fallen on hard times, down 4.6% in q2.

Hey what about the economy? Don’t want to talk about that, why’s that? Desperation comes hard, and embarrassingly bad.

Hah, We Got Those Non-Union Types Good.

August 8, 2012

Non-union pensioners got screwed. By the Obama Admin.

20,000 Delphi employees lost 70% of their pensions, so the unions could get theirs. So you thought Obama told the truth? Obama meant everybody who was in the unions.

So much for testifying before Congress meaning anything.

The non-union workers got screwed. Their pension plans were terminated. Can we get you some food stamps?

It has been readily apparent all along that the GM bailout was a bailout for their union cronies. Every step of the way, even in bankruptcy, the unions were given consideration they were not entitled to, ie. Placing union interests before secured creditors.

And how about them creditors, bond holders? Is it any wonder that the federal government still has $42 Billion of GM debt as the company goes through slow motion failure?

Jarrett ignores questions on terminated non-union Delphi pensions [VIDEO]

I wouldn’t want to answer either.

Personally I will never buy GM Cars again, I did buy Chrysler this time.

Is Obama Propping Up GM With Increased Government Fleet Purchases?

July 6, 2012

From you taxpayers, to my favorite union thugs, it’s how crony capitalism works. But they have been found out — That’s the allegation from the National Legal and Policy Center makes, GM’s Government Fleet Sales and Truck Inventory Rise :

It looks like General Motors will be throwing everything in but the kitchen sink to help fluff its second quarter earnings numbers. Taxpayers continue to help with the cause as President Obama campaigns on the “success” of GM following the manipulated bankruptcy process that cost taxpayers $50 billion and another $45 billion of tax credits gifted to GM to help protect powerful UAW interests. We now learn that government purchases of GM vehicles rose a whopping 79% in June.

The discovery of the pick-up in government fleet purchases at the taxpayers’ expense comes just weeks before GM announces its second quarter earnings. Overall fleet sales (which are typically less profitable than retail sales) at Government Motors rose a full 36% for the month, helping to drive decent sales improvements year over year….

The upcoming earnings announcement by GM is, politically, the most important to date. The pressure is on Government Motors to appear financially strong as this may be the last earnings report before November elections and sets the stage for how “successful” GM is. One of GM’s past tricks to help fudge earnings numbers has been to stuff truck inventory channels. Old habits die hard at GM. According to a Bloomberg report, “GM said inventory of its full-size pickups, which will be refreshed next year, climbed to 238,194 at the end of June, a 135 days supply, up from 116 days at the end of May.” 135 days supply is huge, the accepted norm is a 60 day supply. The trick here is that GM records revenue when vehicles go into dealership inventories, not when actually sold to consumers.

Obama has hitched his campaign to saving General Motors …

What he does not say is that “saving” General Motors means a relationship of permanent dependency, rather than a truly effective private restructuring which could have resulted in an independent company not dependent on the government dole.

Bankruptcy would have been better for America. And other private car companies as well.

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