Inching Forward

October 1, 2013

Fresh DOJ loss in ‘Fast and Furious’ docs fight

You remember this, the DOJ gun running to Mexican drug cartels? To try and blame the second amendment?


FBI Spys, Then And Now …

September 29, 2013

SPYING on what for what? On whom??? …:::: FBI has been using drones since 2006, watchdog agency says.

Because it sure looks like it’s not making us safer. Something a fence could do, with little or no operational costs. (than what supposedly the federal government is doing now, but we know that’s not true)

Let’s see are they there? Yep they are. Note this was way back during th evil Bush years.

When will people put a stop to this???

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NSA: The Spys R Us

September 29, 2013

Keep dogging boys … You have struck a vein: EFF racks up another courtroom victory over the NSA: damning docs to follow.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation continues to rack up victories in its Jewel v NSA suit, through which it has been suing the US spy agency over illegal mass-surveillance for nearly a decade (three successive administrations have stalled the suit by invoking official secrecy, a deadlock that was broken thanks to the leaks released by the whistleblower Edward Snowden).

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Tyranny Knocking, Can You See It???

September 24, 2013

Obama doing leak control, it’s what tyrants do, and shield laws are just a distraction,  to make you think big government cares about your First Amendment. Always watch the other hand …:::  Former F.B.I. Agent Pleads Guilty in Leak to A.P.

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DOJ … I Think You Have A Problem

August 28, 2013

And I don’t mean lying about giving guns to Mexican drug dealers …

The U.S. Justice Department has just identified atheism as a “religious movement”. Therefore, its leaders shall receive the same tax exemptions that priests receive.

GOPUSA reports,

The U.S. Justice Department says in a legal filing leaders of an atheist group qualify or the same housing tax exemption priests receive.

The paradoxical position comes in response to a lawsuit by the Freedom from religion Foundation in Madison, Wis., which seeks to end the parsonage tax break granted to priests, ministers, rabbis and other clergy by the U.S. government. The tax break allows them to claim part of their income as a tax-free housing allowance.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, who receives a $15,000 housing stipend from the Freedom from Religion Foundation, is suing the federal government because she has to pay taxe on that money while “ministers of the gospel,” as the law defines priests, do not.

In response, the federal government said rather than agree to end the parsonage exemption it could be extended to Gaylor because she is the leader of a religious movement — albeit one that does not believe in God.

So You Didn’t Want To Get Involved With Your Local Community

August 18, 2013

Well looks like you may have no choice in the matter…

Violence in Oakland forces residents to seek private security…

Baltimore neighborhoods look beyond police for protection…

NJ town considers neighborhood watch…

Better sooner than later … We already have a neighborhood watch in our community. Everybody looks out for their neighbors, like in the old days. That doesn’t mean you get your gun and go running … just call the police dispatcher and ask them. You do have a cellphone don’t you?

The cops cannot protect you anyway. You want that, then you are on your own.


Why should they have background checks?

The NSA Is not a Phony Scandal

August 18, 2013

NSA broke privacy rules ‘thousands of times’…

Phony scandal … Or phone scandal?

Funds New ‘Top Secret’ $60 Million Data Lab…

So what’s the lab for, to store all the make believe phony scandals in?

WIRE: Snowden downloaded secrets while working for DELL…

Everybody joins the party … All the big tech companies are in for the data … about you. It is the only way you can make this work.


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