No More Behind Your Back Access

September 4, 2013

The IRS Abuse Protection Act:

“Senator Lamar Alexander and Representative Stephen Fincher will introduce the IRS Abuse Protection Act, which requires that the secretary of the U.S. treasury notify taxpayers in writing each time the IRS accesses their tax accounts, tax returns, or other information. The notice must include who accessed the information, the reason for doing so, and the method of access. In addition, taxpayers will receive a copy of the accessed information and any report issued on how it was used. . . . The IRS has been under investigation by the House Oversight Committee after reports that the agency singled out conservative and tea-party groups requesting tax-exempt status for extra scrutiny.”

The legislation should also waive official immunity on the part of any IRS employee violating it, making them subject to civil suit, with statutory damages starting at $50,000 per occurrence.

If it passes. And who thinks it will? Another election season ploy?

How about a flat tax, doesn’t that eliminate the need for all this crap. Isn’t that the problem.

Measure The Buzz

August 14, 2013

Forget polling data, just check Twitter.

More tweets more votes …

study by Indiana University may have found the best method to pick winners for the 2014 midterm elections and beyond.

The study found the candidate that gets the most tweets during a campaign – positive or negative – will win be election, based on 2010 and 2012 data.

So maybe there’s no such thing as a bad tweet.

The study, titled “More Tweets, More Votes: Social Media as a Quantitative Indicator of Political Behavior,” looked only at campaigns for U.S. House of Representatives.

“Think of this as a measurement of buzz,” Fabio Rojas, an associate professor of sociology at Indiana University Bloomington, said in university press release. “We call this the ‘all publicity is good publicity’ finding. Even if you don’t like somebody, you would only talk about them if they’re important.”


Young Atheist Confronts Michael Burgess, Gets Thrown Out!!!

August 11, 2013

You’d think the question of adding “atheist chaplains” to the military was put to rest by the House of Representatives, which voted against the controversial proposal several few weeks ago, but the secular humanist lobby is continuing to battle.

Freak wants to know how he can represent freaks … When you just can’t.

Note he says he is in college. What kids learn from their, anybody’s guess. Maybe that’s why it costs so much???

Bohener’s Amnesty Conference Wed 7/10!

July 8, 2013

Here is comes, those that have jobs watch out … Salaries going down, job pool shrinking.

BOEHNER’S NEXT MOVE: The immigration debate is now squarely in the House of Representatives, with the Senate overwhelmingly passing its version of a comprehensive bill before the congressional break. ABC’s RICK KLEIN notes that House leaders will begin to chart their next steps this week with a special meeting of House Republicans on Wednesday. Speaker John Boehner will ultimately face the big choice: Whether to support a path to citizenship or notbut until then there are plenty of little questions. Will the bipartisan “gang” in the House break through with something like a similar group did in the Senate?

Read more at …

Something Is Wrong With MASSACHUSETTS

May 8, 2013

Markey’s TV ad buy may 
mean he’s running scared.

“In a sign of concern among Democrats, U.S. Rep. Edward J. Markey’s Senate campaign is launching the first of an expected barrage of TV ads as national Republicans accused him of running a “despicable” smear campaign against GOP nominee Gabriel Gomez. Markey’s TV ad buy starting today is the first since he won the Democratic nomination and is designed to shore up the longtime Malden congressman’s image after his tough primary battle against U.S. Rep. Stephen F. Lynch. Polls taken right after last week’s primary had Markey clinging to a surprisingly small lead in a matchup with Republican newcomer and businessman Gomez, and showed many voters viewing Markey negatively.”


FreedomWorks Slams Senate’s Vote to Pass the Internet Sales Tax

May 7, 2013

Yep the Senate passed it’s version of a new Internet tax. Despite all tax bill’s be written in the People’s House, the Senate could not wait.

Nothing done yet, but it has to be undone before the House will, so your move John. How about just punt and do nothing, treat it like one of the budget bills you sent the Senate over the last 5 years..

Freedomworks has their thoughts with what is wrong about an Internet sales tax.

FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe commented, “The Internet sales tax bill was passed in the name of ‘fairness for small business,’ but championed by Washington insiders, big box retail lobbyists and tax collectors. With friends like that for struggling entrepreneurs, who needs enemies?”

Despite Claims That It’s Anti-Law Enforcement, Drone Bill Passes ND Legislature

February 22, 2013

So what is wrong with this …

Rep. Rick Becker’s bill, HB1373, which would require law enforcement obtain a warrant before conducting surveillance on private citizens got a lengthy and often heated debate on the floor of the House today. At one point, Rep. Mike Nathe said that the bill is “anti-law enforcement” and “appeals to the black helicopter crowd.”

“I trust law enforcement,” said Rep Nathe asserting that there’s “no evidence of law enforcement violating any rights.”

The question is, do we have to wait until law enforcement violates someone’s rights, until law enforcement does something we’re uncomfortable with, before we put in sense reasonable protections of our privacy? It’s not a matter of not trusting police – our founders didn’t trust the police which is why we have the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments – but a matter of protecting the people from unreasonable infringements upon their privacy.

Here’s Rep. Nathe’s comments, and you can watch the full debate here.

Democrats Move to Ban Ammunition in Wisconsin

February 16, 2013

Democrats in Wisconsin are circulating legislation to ban civilian possession of hollow point or frangible ammunition.

Media Trackers reported:

A Democratic state senator and three Democratic state representatives have circulated draft legislation that would ban civilian possession of hollow point or frangible ammunition. According to existing Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulations, sportsmen and women in Wisconsin must use such ammunition when hunting deer or bear. The Democratic lawmakers, two of whom are freshman, all hail from urban districts in the City of Milwaukee.

The reason behind the legislation is not completely clear. The impact, however, is quite clear. According to a legislative counsel review of the legislation, it would essentially make it impossible for civilians to hunt deer or bear in Wisconsin.

The provision in the bill draft that provides whoever intentionally sells, transports or possesses any bullet that expands or flattens easily in the human body is guilty of a Class H felony conflicts with current DNR hunting rules.  Under s. NR 10.09 (1)(c)2., ‘no person shall hunt any deer or bear with any air rifle, rim-fire rifle, any center-fire rifle less than .22 caliber, any .410 bore or less shotgun or handgun loaded with .410 shotgun shell ammunition or with ammunition loaded with nonexpanding type bullets or ammunition loaded with shot other than a single slug or projectile.’ The bill draft does not provide an exception to the prohibition on possessing expanding bullets for deer or bear hunting.” (Emphasis added)

The draft legislation (linked to below) was circulated this week by Sen. Nikiya Harris (D), Rep. Mandela Barnes, (D), Rep. Evan Goyke (D), and Rep. Fred Kessler (D). Mandela and Goyke are freshman lawmakers elected just last November. A phone call around 3:00 pm to Rep. Goyke’s office went unanswered, as did phone calls to Rep. Kessler’s office and Sen. Harris’s office.

@ProjectVeritas_ : Jim Moran’s (D-Va.) Field Director Conspires to Commit Voter Fraud, Forge Docs

October 24, 2012

son of a sitting US Congressman. Patrick Moran



Watch our Project Veritas reporter being educated on how to properly commit massive voter fraud by the son of a sitting US Congressman. Patrick Moran, son of Congressman James Moran, discusses forging utility bills and impersonating pollsters, all for the goal of circumventing voter ID laws in Virginia and casting ballots for unsuspecting inactive voters within the state for Barack Obama. Patrick Moran holds the salaried title of Field Director for his father’s congressional campaign, and assures our reporter that “committee” lawyers will defend his fraud if the forged documents “look good”.

Death Panels: Illinois 13th Congressional Race Really Heating Up

September 17, 2012

Dem congressional candidate fired for support of euthanizing sick patients

The race between Democrat David Gill, Republican Rodney Davis and independent John Hartman in Illinois’ 13th congressional district is among a handful of red hot contests under way in downstate Illinois.

The candidates are up on the airwaves with ads and the national groups like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the National Republican Campaign Committee are spreading big bucks around trying to secure or maintain majorities in the U.S. House. Press conferences are being held at gas stations, in cornfields and, of course, in front of American flags.

The candidates in the 13th, which encompasses all or parts of Champaign, Bloomington, Normal and Decatur —agreed last week to appear together in at least one debate, which is scheduled for Nov. 1 in Urbana.

It’s not clear why it’s been so difficult for the candidates to get together on debate times and dates. Candidates in other races, such as the 12th district in southern Illinois, have already stood together on stage to talk about their positions.


Gill is the Demoncrat…

For example, Gill said some doctors will keep increasing a patient’s dosage of pain-relieving morphine, fully aware that respirations will eventually stop.

“It goes on everyday,” he said at the time.

It wasn’t until two years later that he was fired by OSF after writing a letter to the editor in support of euthanasia. A hospital spokeswoman said physician-assisted suicide goes against the teachings of the Catholic church.

Kill the old kill the sick ….. It’s all for how Obamacare cuts costs…You in for that? The illegals get the funds. THat’s why they were transferred from Medicare in the first place, so the magic of insuring the uninsured would not look like it costs so much, when it did…

It’s bad enough that the Democrat’s Obamacare plan cuts $716 billion form Medicare, and the President lies about that, but this is beyond the pale.


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