FBI Admits

June 24, 2013

Yesterday the FBI admitted they do use drones on U.S. soil for domestic surveillance. The FBI’s Robert Mueller told Congress that he does sometimes use drones, but he said the good news is that these drones are made in America, by Americans, to spy on Americans.
— Leno


Drones Everywhere …

June 22, 2013

FBI HIDES DRONE DETAILS… Drones in our sky, don’t know where, don’t know what they are doing.

Or what they intend on doing. What could they possibly be up to? I would bet you won’t like the civil liberties being violated.

Constitution phttt!



Truth …

FBI Director Admits Domestic Use Of Drones

June 19, 2013

RT reports…

The FBI uses drones for domestic surveillance purposes, the head of the agency told Congress early Wednesday.

Robert Mueller, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, confirmed to lawmakers that the FBI owns several unmanned aerial vehicles, but has not adopted any strict policies or guidelines yet to govern the use of the controversial aircraft.
“Does the FBI use drones for surveillance on US soil?” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) asked Mr Mueller during an oversight hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Yes,” Mueller responded bluntly, adding that the FBI’s operation of drones is “very seldom.”

Vote Against Border Secuirty First

June 13, 2013

Whihc was what Rubio had promised in his multiple Apperences of Conservative Talk radio … And then like a traitor he is,  votes to kill the very part of the AMNESTY Bill he had said  was a must before his support.

Do they all just lie? Or is everybody in Washington, just in it for them????

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) made a move to formally kill an amendment Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) offered to the immigration bill. It would require border security before America’s at least 11 million illegal immigrants are granted amnesty.

Reid filed a motion to “table” the amendment, a move that he used to quickly push for an up-or-down vote. A vote in favor of tabling the amendment would kill it. A vote against tabling the amendment would allow it to move through for debate. Essentially, a vote for Reid’s motion is a vote against securing the border before amnesty. Likewise, a vote against Reid’s motion is a vote for securing the border before granting amnesty.

The Senate Reference guide describes a motion to table as: “The motion is used to dispose quickly of questions the Senate does not wish to consider further.”

Reid’s motion to table the amendment passed 57-43, with Gang of Eight Republican Sens. John McCain (R-AZ). Marco Rubio (R-FL), Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) voting with Reid. Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Mark Pryor voted against Reid in favor of border security before amnesty, as did Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH). Ayotte had previously indicated support for the Gang of Eight bill.

Reid’s decision to derail an open process on the immigration bill comes during the first week of debate on what will likely drag on until close to the Fourth of July recess. Losing Grassley’s support up front on process is dangerous for Reid, too, as Grassley is a key Republican leader on issues that involve immigration.

On the floor on Thursday, Grassley argued that the “so-called open and fair process” the Democrats and the “Gang of Eight” Republicans have promised “is a farce.”

“This is not the right way to start off on a very important bill,” Grassley said.

WARNING: Biometric Database tucked inside Gang of Eight immigration bill

June 7, 2013

Yep it’s another 1000 page bill that has hidden secrets in it’s tomb. Got to pass it before you know what’s in it … Looks like Sen Rubio is out!!! Why Marco Rubio is against his own immigration bill…

Last Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed their markup of the Gang of Eight’s “immigration reform” bill – a version that not only preserves most of the bill’s original problems, but also contains 233 additional pages of rules.

Senator Ted Cruz says that the bill only makes our current immigration problems “worse.” Sadly, he holds the minority opinion as he was one of only five Senate Judiciary Members who opposed S. 744′s exit from committee.



Page 1,318 of the markup bill details the establishment of a “photo tool” – a giant federal database managed by the Department of Homeland Security, supplied with individuals’ biometric information from all of the fifty states.

If established, the database would house a file for every person carrying a driver’s license or equivalent state-issued photo I.D., and contain their name, age, Social Security number, along with their photograph.

This database would also determine whether or not one is permitted to find employment. In other words, without becoming an entry in a federal database, Americans will be unable to secure a job or freely work where and as they choose!

“The Secretary shall develop and maintain a photo tool that enables employers to match the photo on a covered identity document provided to the employer to a photo maintained by a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services database.” (S. 744, page 1,319.)

Read more at conservativeactionalerts.com …

Texas Bringing Freedom to Your Email

May 31, 2013

The state of Texas is becoming the standard for freedom in America. Already attracting thousands of new employers for its pro-business stance and hundreds of thousands of new residents for its pro-individual policies, now the Lone Star State wants to revolutionize online freedom.

The state legislature has sent a bill to Governor Rick Perry that would close a troubling loophole that allows the government to access your personal emails. Provided that Perry doesn’t veto the law, the legislation would only apply to state and local law enforcement. Nevertheless, it sends a powerful message to the federal government not to mess with Texas or its email.

The loophole was inadvertently created by the 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). Back then, the vast majority of email was downloaded to one’s personal computer. Any messages not downloaded after 180 days were considered abandoned and open to government searches without a warrant.

But today, most of our email sits in “the cloud.” All those messages new and old reside somewhere on an online server — heck, I have email I saved a decade ago. Although the ECPA was created to protect online privacy, it is now being used to destroy it.

Google recently revealed that the federal government made nearly 8,500 requests for user data in the last half of 2012. This is up 136 percent from the last half of 2009 when the company started tracking this data. In the vast majority of these cases, the requests are made using ECPA subpoenas, which do not need a court order.

Ever skeptical of privacy and freedom, the feds also have dug through Twitter accounts. Of the 815 requests for Twitter user info in the past six months, 81 percent of these “unreasonable searches and seizures” were conducted without a warrant.

The Texas bill is similar to reforms that have circulated in the U.S. Senate. By letting it become law, Austin will throw the gauntlet to Washington to clean up the obsolete provisions of the ECPA. Federal reforms have gone through the Senate Judiciary Committee and await a floor vote.

Hanni Fakhoury of the Electronic Frontier Foundation applauds Texas’ move. “It’s significant proof that privacy reform is not only needed but also politically feasible with broad bipartisan support,” he said. “Hopefully that will impact federal ECPA reform efforts by getting people on both of sides of the political aisle to work together to make meaningful electronic privacy reform a reality.”

Fakhoury also encouraged other states to join in. “The more states that pass similar legislation, the more pressure it will put on Congress to keep up with the changing legal landscape,” he said.

AMNESTY … Senate Committee Approves Gang Of 8 Bill, Rubio Got Nothing

May 22, 2013

AMNESTY pure and simple, no border security. Are you hear the stupid liberal lying ads in your area? Where they cut up snd edit the Rubio and Ryan clips. The ads are run by a liberal group, Zuckerberg(facebook billionaire) is financing them — they sound conservative at first. One of those shady outfits Obmam is alwasy talking about.

Here’s the CSPAN copy of the clip.

Stand With Arizona reported:

BREAKING: Just moments ago, to the nauseating La Raza audience chants of “Sí Se Puede”….The Senate Judiciary Committee PASSED the final, amended ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty bill to the full Senate.

The vote was 13-5, with all Democrats, plus disgraceful traitors Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) joining them in handing IMMEDIATE amnesty for 20+ millions illegal aliens, plus full welfare and ObamaCare coverage, with absolutely NO border security triggers.

This is a shameful day for the Senate.

It swamps America with 20 million new low information socialist voters. Free welfare is the lure.

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