Truth Clears Things Up

October 28, 2013

Hostages-590-LIWho is the real terrorist?

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Be Very Afraid

October 15, 2013

Fear: ObamaCare will make going to the doctor like going to the DMV

It’s not a comfronting feeling. This has already been litigated, of course, but the recent ObamaCare website “glitches” serve as a metaphor for what still worries us: That going to the doctor will eventually be like going to the DMV.


The Screwed Generation, And How Obama is Doing It

October 14, 2013

Sticker shock is everywhere you look…

So you may want to sit down and slowly read this, your future is at stake….::: Obamacare’s Website Is Crashing Because It Doesn’t Want You To Know How Costly Its Plans Are

So you think it is just another conspiracy theory? Forbes is not known for doing that. So what if it is true?

HHS didn’t want users to see Obamacare’s true costs was initially going to include an option to browse before registering,” report Christopher Weaver and Louise Radnofsky in the Wall Street Journal. “But that tool was delayed, people familiar with the situation said.” Why was it delayed? “An HHS spokeswoman said the agency wanted to ensure that users were aware of their eligibility for subsidies that could help pay for coverage, before they started seeing the prices of policies.” (Emphasis added.)

You may wonder why you can’t just browse the site? Would Amazon do that? WHY???

Free cheese was the hook. The “tell” is why no browse option? The answer is they cannot afford you to be able to figure out the real costs, when you can still do something about it. How could they???

Who do you think will pay, the young and the healthy, they must pay the full freight, for all the old and sick people. Think!!!

IRS Scandal …

September 23, 2013

WALL STREET JOURNAL: The IRS Hit List Democrats Don’t Want You To See.(MUST SEE VIDEO at the link)

Thuggery Nixon style …

Bad News Democrats

September 23, 2013

Uh, Oh … despite the Obama bluster and lies, the polls are slipping downward …::: Poll: Most Americans Support Federal Shutdown to Defund ObamaCare

Killing Christians is becoming the thing in middle east countries.

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No More, Just Taking It ::: Taking the Fight to the Democrats

September 22, 2013

Democrats used the 2012 election to fine-tune a strategy for beating conservatives in conservative-friendly states. A handful of GOP players are now using Virginia’s off-year gubernatorial race to trial-run a strategy for defeating that Democratic tactic.

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Got To Pass It Before We Read It, ehhh

September 17, 2013

Another zinger from JAMES TARANTO: About That Other Debacle: For ObamaCare, it’s only the end of the beginning.

If you’re the kind of driver who can’t help but gawk at the wreckage when you pass an accident–and honestly, who isn’t?–you’ll enjoy today’s lengthy account in The Wall Street Journal of the runup to last week’s Putin-Assad triumph.

Right off the bat we learn, which is to say our suspicion is confirmed, that this was a case of a willful president with atrocious political instincts. When Obama consulted his cabinet and top staffers about the idea of seeking congressional approval for a strike in Syria, “senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer pegged the chances of Congress balking at 40%. . . . Mr. Obama took the gamble anyway and set aside the impending strikes to try to build domestic and international support for such action.”

In retrospect, it seems clear that while Pfeiffer was on the right track in warning that Congress might scuttle the plan, he underestimated the probability of that outcome. . . .

Which brings us to the Affordable Care Act. Three and a half years after the springtime enactment of what was touted as Obama’s signature legislative achievement, it’s autumn for ObamaCare, with many of the law’s provisions taking effect Oct. 1, two weeks from tomorrow.

ObamaCare was another case in which the president asked Congress to act. That time, lawmakers granted his request, although for a time the odds seemed very much against their doing so. Unlike in 2013, in 2009-10 Republicans did not control the House. Unlike the idea of military intervention in Syria, ObamaCare did not go against the Democrats’ ideological grain.

But like the prospective Syria strike, ObamaCare lacked broad public support. It still does, as illustrated by a pair of polls out today, from The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. . . . Quite apart from the law’s merits, what Page has described is an enormous political miscalculation. Unlike in the Syria case, Obama had the political strength to push this legislation through Congress (if barely). But while it’s easy to imagine he was and remains disdainful of public opinion on the matter, it’s almost certain that he expected it to turn around by now.

Yet it’s actually more unpopular than when it passed.

So much for we have to pass it before we can see what’s in it … And all the chicanery to get it illegally passed. So what does the NSA have on chief justice Roberts???

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