Some Serious Questions …

October 31, 2013



The Doc Is In

October 30, 2013

Make you feel good ….



Our community organizer doc …


You Didn’t Know

October 29, 2013

Jon Stewart mocks Obama for ignorance on NSA spying, health care rollout

The Obamaman Can

October 29, 2013


If You Like Your Plan You Can’t Keep It

October 26, 2013

Not quite the way it was sold …


What Stupidty Has Wrought

October 20, 2013

Premiums for young to rise in 45 states…

So much for free, cheaper, better … The first lesson you learn as an adult is nothing in life is free.

So live with the results. The young (naive) and healthy will now pay for the sick and old. How else, could it work? Why would you think you should have to pay for what you get? The beauty of our Jive Talkin, President, and his free cheese act.

Put the “Jive Talkin” music on as a background track… Loop it, until you understand.

Q3 Earnings Warnings Second-Worst Since 2001

October 1, 2013

And here comes the QE3 with their warnings, as our economy is in total collapse. This time it is companies issuing their own warnings… And the Fed keeps printing away…

US companies are warning about Q3 earnings at the second highest level since 2001, with estimates well below what they were just three short months ago. Of course, the US equity markets don’t care – having rallied aggressively in the face of this collapse; lubricated by multiple-expanding QE and rev. repo.

As Reuters reports, companies issuing negative outlooks outnumber positive ones by 5.2-to-1, the most negative since the 6.3-to-1 ratio in the second quarter, when however the “second half recovery” (which has been once again indefinitely delayed, perhaps to the third half?) was said would take place momentarily and lead to another mythical rebound. Industrials, Materials, and Tech top the list for negative pre-announcements.

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