The Truth

September 30, 2013

So the Democrat lies are starting, may have get out in front of them all …

Ari Fleischer writes ….::: If The Government Shuts Down, It’s Because The Democrats Insist On Taxing People’s Pacemakers And Hearing Aids.

Remember the sequester!!! And how all the grizzly stuff that wasn’t.

This is just a bigger and better Democrat replay … Wha, wha, wha …

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Screwy Rotten Apples

September 27, 2013

In response to a question from Fox’s Ed Henry about why today’s HHS’s report wasn’t based on more of a straight-up “apples-to-apples” comparison of what American consumers will pay for their premiums between this year and next year, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had an… er, creative perspective to offer.

Via NRO:

And a bill that makes it all too expensive.

Hey Jay, You Gonna Sign Up For Obamacare?

September 26, 2013

Watch What Happens When Ed Henry Asks Jay Carney If He Will Enroll in Obamacare

It’s a hoot.

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Carney Thinks Sharknado Reference Has to Do With “NATO”

September 19, 2013

From the transcript of the briefing:

Carney: Yes.

Reporter: Jay, so are we looking at sort of a “Gridlock-Nado,” where we could have the government shut down at the end of the month and then go into default a couple of weeks later? Is that a possibility?

Carney: (Laughter.) I’m not sure about the NATO part of it, but the –

Reporter: Maybe a better term, then.

Carney: It depends on what Republicans really want to achieve here.

Here’s the video of the exchange:

What Fascism Really Is

September 13, 2013

Fascism is something Big Government does, not what people do … For instance the NAZIs wer Fascists, that way the National Socialists of Germany called themselves NAZIs to disguise who they really were. From Whom?


Senator, I think they know… You lost a friend in Colorado, sad …

ROLL CALL: Decisiveness Overrated? White House Thinks Yes.

 White House Press Secretary Jay Carney defended his boss Thursday after a blistering few weeks of criticism in Congress and elsewhere over his handling of the Syria crisis.

Carney said the American people “appreciate a president who doesn’t celebrate decisiveness for decisiveness’ sake.”

mmm Ok …

Did Reporters Laugh AT Jay Carney’s ANNESTY CLaims?

July 21, 2013

You know this poor fellow is laughable. But trying to claim that low skilled democrat voters will do anything but destroy the middle class is weird. Everybody knows that big business wants lots of low skilled workers to replace those high paid American workers, even the labor unions get it.

So when this claim was made in the press briefing it looks like even the reporters know.

As White House Press Secretary Jay Carney recited talking points about the benefits of “comprehensive immigration reform” on Friday, a number of reporters broke out laughing in the middle of his comments.

“Comprehensive immigration reform…would significantly reduce our deficit, would expand economic growth, would raise wages,” Carney explained.

Immediately following his claim that immigration reform would somehow raise wages, several reporters can be heard laughing.

Here is Friday’s BS, straight from the top ..

The camera fixed on the speaker, is controlled by the White House …

It’s total BS and everyone who has a job knows it is. The idea is to fire the American workers and replace with no-nothing immigrant workers, like what Walmart is doing.

AMNESTY is to deprive American workers their high paying jobs, and substitute illegal immigrants, depriving the AMERICAN middle class it’s hard fought living standard …. And of course the Democrat Party of more ignorant voters they can use, like they do in Mexico, to elect permanent socialist leaders.

You ever ask yourself why Mexico’s economy appears so broken??? Socialism.

Carney Dodges, Dives And Ducks More Questions on IRS Scandal

May 22, 2013

So you say Carney is just Obama’s paid liar. So why bother? It’s entertaining.

White House spokesman Jay Carney Tuesday evaded more media questions about the IRS scandal by professing widespread White House ignorance about the misconduct, by proclaiming the president’s virtue and by promising future action.

“We were ultimately not aware of what led to the first [media] reporting on this,” Carney said, when asked how the Internal Revenue Service revealed May 10 that its employees were targeting conservative political groups.

“I think you should ask other [agencies] about that question,” he said.

However, he also admitted that the White House’s chief counsel, Kathy Ruemmler, talked with Denis McDonough, Obama’s chief of staff, after she learned April 24 about the pending report, which described widespread IRS discrimination against conservative citizens.

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