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September 30, 2013

Apparently this was dug up in The Wisconsin School District video library.

Fascists pledge to the President. Free men do not!!! You have free will and decide what you want to do with your life.

Produced by Harpo, that’s Opera Winfrey’s productions …

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Colorado Recall Turns Violent: Citizen Journos Attacked

September 10, 2013

Jim Hoft’s GatewayPundit Blog reports:

Citizen journalists and activists with Revealing Politics were attacked as they filmed outside of polling places ahead of Colorado’s contentious recall. The journos can be seen on tape quietly going about their work when one videographer is repeatedly physically attacked by a man.

The Colorado recall election of Senate President John Morse is one of the most nationally watched political events in the country. With the passage of a poorly-written and difficult to understand bill that now allows for same-day voter registration in effect for the recall elections, it became clear to Revealing Politics that we need to shine a light on the process.

Colorado is to Second Amendment rights what Wisconsin was to employee free choice, thus the importance of these elections. Colorado was a solid red state for over 60 years before falling to “the blueprint.” Senators John Morse (majority leader) and Angela Giron are first up for recall for voting against the will of their constituents on Second Amendment civil liberties. Giron’s recall is lead by Pueblo Freedom and Rights, headed up by Victor Head, a plumber who got fed up and took action.

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They Don’t Want You To Know

June 30, 2013

Who is surprised by this? More line dancing, this time with hookers? Taxpayer money.

Homeland Security watchdog accused of whitewashing report.

The man in charge of policing waste, fraud and abuse at the federal government’s third-largest department has been accused of suppressing a politically sensitive report, violating anti-nepotism laws and misusing agency resources, according to a letter from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security.

Charles Edwards, deputy inspector general at the Department of Homeland Security and de facto head of the office, was ordered by Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill and Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson to provide sixteen separate document sets related to the allegations by July 19.

“This is supposed to be the most transparent administration in history, but we’re seeing a real pattern of this White House and their secretaries applying pressure to inspectors general to whitewash reports,” Johnson said in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Yes, that goes all the way back to the firing of Inspector General Walpin. 

IG Walpin knew too much … So Obama fired him. The CZARS will do all that we need now. BTW anybody know what the Obama CZARS are up to these days. If only we had a media.

A Wisconsin Judicial Race With National Implications (conservatie win)

April 4, 2013

Big conservative WIN … IN Wisconsin, the progressives home state. reports:

Unions and other opponents tried almost everything in their efforts to derail Act 10, Gov. Scott Walker’s package of public-sector labor-law reforms in Wisconsin. They fought vainly in the Wisconsin legislature, in the courts, and in public discussion. They staged tumultuous, disruptive Occupy-style demonstrations and sit-ins in Madison. Most formidable of all, they even changed their Facebook and Twitter avatars to little clenched fists in the shape of the state of Wisconsin.

All to no avail. On Tuesday they lost what will probably turn out to be their last chance, in the form of a race for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. That court is deeply split 4-3 along ideological lines, with a liberal minority led by former chief justice Shirley Abrahamson considered eager to overturn the Walker reforms, and a majority of 4 led by current chief justice David Prosser seen as disinclined to do so. With Act 10 due to come before the court soon, one of the four-justice majority, Justice Patience Roggensack, was up for re-election and her rival on the ballot, Democratic-backed Marquette law professor Ed Fallone, was widely seen as more likely to search for some way to strike down the law, on which he might be the deciding vote.

Wisconsin voters weren’t having that: by a very comfortable margin (at last count) of 57-43 they re-elected Justice Roggensack. Incumbent judges do tend to win re-election at the polls, of course, and many voters may simply be tired of all the partisan bickering and politicization of the courts. Either way, it looks as if they are willing to give Act 10 a fair chance to work as intended. Public-sector labor law reformers in other states, take note.



February 18, 2013

Poof… another lie explodes in the low information voters faces … government is out of your money again.

When will they ever learn???

Citing financial concerns, the Obama administration has begun quietly winding down one of the earliest programs created by the president’s health care overhaul, a plan that helps people with medical problems who can’t get private insurance.

In an afternoon teleconference with state counterparts, administration officials said Friday the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan will stop taking new applications. People already in the plan will not lose coverage.

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Democrats Move to Ban Ammunition in Wisconsin

February 16, 2013

Democrats in Wisconsin are circulating legislation to ban civilian possession of hollow point or frangible ammunition.

Media Trackers reported:

A Democratic state senator and three Democratic state representatives have circulated draft legislation that would ban civilian possession of hollow point or frangible ammunition. According to existing Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulations, sportsmen and women in Wisconsin must use such ammunition when hunting deer or bear. The Democratic lawmakers, two of whom are freshman, all hail from urban districts in the City of Milwaukee.

The reason behind the legislation is not completely clear. The impact, however, is quite clear. According to a legislative counsel review of the legislation, it would essentially make it impossible for civilians to hunt deer or bear in Wisconsin.

The provision in the bill draft that provides whoever intentionally sells, transports or possesses any bullet that expands or flattens easily in the human body is guilty of a Class H felony conflicts with current DNR hunting rules.  Under s. NR 10.09 (1)(c)2., ‘no person shall hunt any deer or bear with any air rifle, rim-fire rifle, any center-fire rifle less than .22 caliber, any .410 bore or less shotgun or handgun loaded with .410 shotgun shell ammunition or with ammunition loaded with nonexpanding type bullets or ammunition loaded with shot other than a single slug or projectile.’ The bill draft does not provide an exception to the prohibition on possessing expanding bullets for deer or bear hunting.” (Emphasis added)

The draft legislation (linked to below) was circulated this week by Sen. Nikiya Harris (D), Rep. Mandela Barnes, (D), Rep. Evan Goyke (D), and Rep. Fred Kessler (D). Mandela and Goyke are freshman lawmakers elected just last November. A phone call around 3:00 pm to Rep. Goyke’s office went unanswered, as did phone calls to Rep. Kessler’s office and Sen. Harris’s office.

Gun Free Schools

January 23, 2013


There was a time when guns in US schools were pretty common:

In 1975, New York state had over 80 school districts with rifle teams. In 1984, that had dropped to 65. By 1999 there were just 26. The state’s annual riflery championship was shut down in 1986 for lack of demand. This, sadly, is a familiar story across the country. The clubs are fading from memory, too. A Chicago Tribune report from 2007 notes the astonishment of a Wisconsin mother who discovered that her children’s school had a range on site. “I was surprised, because I never would have suspected to have something like that in my child’s school,” she told the Tribune. The district’s superintendent admitted that it was now a rarity, confessing that he “often gets raised eyebrows” if he mentions the range to other educators. The astonished mother raised her eyebrows — and then led a fight to have the range closed. “Guns and school don’t mix,” she averred. “If you have guns in school, that does away with the whole zero-tolerance policy.”

But how wise is that “zero-tolerance policy”? Until 1989, there were only a few school shootings in which more than two victims were killed. This was despite widespread ownership of — and familiarity with — weapons and an absence of “gun-free zones.”

It seems pretty hard to argue that so-called “gun free zones” have accomplished anything but putting targets on the back of those in the “gun free zone.”

Making a school or a campus or any other place a “gun free zone” attracts shooters who know they’re likely to find unarmed prey in those areas. The shootings we all want to stop are happening, overwhelmingly, in “gun free zones.”

Yes yesterday’s shooting at the Lone Star College gun free college.

Maybe it’s time to do something about that.

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