Hey Look At This

October 10, 2013

WOLF BLITZER: Hey, Maybe The GOP’s Right About Delaying ObamaCare.

Accidental journalism.

Find The Reason

September 8, 2013

Obama submits to 6 interrogations on Syria — by Diane Sawyer (ABC), Scott Pelley (CBS), Wolf Blitzer (CNN), Chris Wallace (Fox), Brian Williams (NBC), and Gwen Ifill (PBS).

Why is he doing this? There is always a reason when talking about Our Obama… Won’t they all be different, well isn’t that the point???

It’s also possible that Obama, knowing the vote on Syria is already lost, is using the occasion to set up the congressional vote so that it will work to the best advantage of Democrats in the 2014 elections.

Those rascally Congressional Republicans, they tricked him into doing it.

Did they consider nobody watches these fossils anymore.

The Lies Keep Coming

September 4, 2013

Our liar in chief…

Are they trying for a record or something, they send the ever sucessful liar out to tell, err lies…::… Debbie Wasserman Schultz says ‘dozens’ of countries stand with US on Syria, can’t name them.

Did you know France was now dozens?

Talk about bottom of the bucket. Hey how about we hear it from the top?

Rep. Peter King: Bombings Signal ‘The New War With Al-Qaida’

April 17, 2013

New York Rep. Peter King suggested on Tuesday that the Boston Marathon bombings might indicate “the new war with al-Qaida.”

“This may be the new war with al-Qaida: smaller attacks with people who are under the radar screen,” King told Wolf Blitzer on CNN. “Many al-Qaida groups are using Americans with clean records.”
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CNN Ignores Poll Results Showing Strong Support for ‘Cut, Cap, and Balance’

July 22, 2011

But we won’t … About 3/4 support the balanced budget position of Republicans. When you have to ignore your own polling to try and support the Democrat position, what does that tell you. Reading and reading comprehension is a lost art?

Then he reported that President Obama and the Democrats will receive less blame than congressional Republicans if no deal is reached by the deadline, August 2.

During its news coverage from the end of the 1 p.m. EDT hour into the 6 p.m. EDT hour, CNN mentioned at least three times that 62 percent of those polled favored raising the debt ceiling with or without debt reduction. At least twice, the network reported that 64 percent of those polled wanted a plan with both spending cuts and tax increases.

And CNN made sure to report that if no deal is made before the deadline, August 2, only 30 percent would blame President Obama while 51 percent would blame Republicans. They also mentioned the poll result showing that only 33 percent of respondents see the Republicans as acting responsibly in the debt ceiling debate, compared with 51 percent for Obama.

Adhering to the standard Democratic talking points, Time managing editor Rick Stengel told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer during the 6 p.m. EDT hour of The Situation Room that if tax rates go up in 2013, it’s “not a tax hike,” demanding that “this is something that Republicans have to get used to.”

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No Matter how CNN and the other lamestrean news present their one sided Leftist views, no one is watching.

What really matters is that FOX presents a balanced view.

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