“Early 20th Century Progressive”, Hillary Proudly Proclaimed To The World — You Remember?

A little history lesson never hurts when you want to know why you feel the world is moving, strangely, about you. It is the Fabian Socialists hammering the globe into their new model of corporate socialism. They have been working on it since the days of Pres Woodrow Wilson. Hillary tried to get them to rally to her side with her clarion call, so she could be President. But the “clean articulate” Obama beat her to the punch.

The individual must go, be squashed into submission. Individualism is their enemy, thinking people cannot be tolerated. Haven’t you read the new lesson books for our school children? You tell me what that is all about? Changing our history, because the U.S. Constitution is in their way.

The Corporate Socialist now call themselves, progressive patriots. As they try and hide their true intentions.

Hillary Clinton uncloaked herself in our 2008 campaign.

Hillary Clinton Cites History in Call For New Progressive Movement

Hillary Clinton has called upon Democrats to look back to the history of the original progressive movement in the early 20th century for inspiration in the building of a new progressive movement for the early 21st century.

“Back then, the American economy was dominated by large corporate monopolies. Corruption was far too common and good government far too rare. Women couldn’t vote, and the minimum wage, well, that wasn’t heard of and worker rights were completely unimagined. Back then, America was a country filled with haves and have nots — and not enough people in between.

In response to these excesses, the progressive movement was born. Throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s, the progressives busted trusts and fought for safe working conditions and fair wages. They created the national park system, and replaced a government rife with cronyism with a merit-based civil service. They understood, as the great progressive President Teddy Roosevelt once said, that ‘The welfare of each of us is dependent fundamentally upon the welfare of all of us.’

Well, today, at the beginning of the 21st century, I think it’s time we remembered those lessons.”

Whether or not you support the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton in particular, her call to remember the role of progressives in improving the civic standards in American government is worth heeding. We citizens should stand up and do our part to revive that tradition.

(Source: HillaryClinton.Com, May 29, 2007)

So rather we like it or not, that is what Obama is doing. He is trying to complete the Fabian Socialist dream. Which will be a catastrophe for freedom and liberty. A world dominated by Big Government and their “customers“. Just the latest world communists dream.

Do you understand why Sen Ted Cruz must be destroyed? Why not ask Sen John McCain? You think the Republicans are on your side? Think again, Either we rebuild the GOP into the model of Lincoln or we all turn into Corporate Socialists.

Nudge, shove, shoot … it’s the way forward.



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