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November 30, 2012

I down-graded from Windows 8 to Windows 7 and installed a new SSD in the new PC,it all works fine. Fast is the word for SSDs. I put in a VERTEX 4 slightly behind the latest but cheap enough. It’s 128 GB and the old Win 8 boot dish is now Disk to. I am trying to figure out how to do the Apple Fusion Drive next.

SSDs are now less than $1 a GB.

Really fast. Laptop is next SSD upgrade, for me, as the battery on mine is getting weak. SSD s, improves battery use over the old HD.

EPA Latest Useless Meddling: New E15 Gasoline May Damage Vehicles and Cause Consumer Confusion

November 30, 2012

Me I don’t care I have a new model E-15 capable vehicle, but other’s may not. I just happened to have to trade in my 10 year old vehicle this year, so I bought a new car, err Jeep.

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A recent survey by AAA finds a strong likelihood of consumer confusion and the potential for voided warranties and vehicle damage as a result of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recent approval of E15 gasoline. An overwhelming 95 percent of consumers surveyed have not heard of E15, a newly approved gasoline blend that contains up to 15 percent ethanol. …

Only about 12 million out of the more than 240 million light-duty vehicles on the roads today are approved by manufacturers to use E15 gasoline, based on a survey conducted by AAA of auto manufacturers.

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Over The Past Six Years, The United States Has Reduced Its Carbon Emissions More than Any Other Nation In The World: And For That Thank FRACKING And Natural Gas It Produces With The New/Old Technology..

November 30, 2012

Over the past six years, the United States has reduced its carbon emissions more than any other nation in the world.

Efforts to curb so-called man-made climate change had little or nothing to do with it. Government mandated “green” energy didn’t cause the reductions. Neither did environmentalist pressure. And the U.S. did not go along with the Kyoto Protocol to radically cut CO2 emissions. Instead, the drop came about through market forces and technological advances, according to a report from the International Energy Agency.

And best of all Obama didn’t do it, the private economy did it.

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Oil As A Weapon

November 30, 2012

Yes Jimmy Carter was upended on the Arab oil embargo over Israel and the Yom Kippur war of 1973. The Iranian Hostage crisis actually did the deed, but lets move on to our main subject

But lets step back and see what the conditions are today.

Let’s start with some numbers. The United States currently uses about nineteen million barrels a day, of which about eleven are imported, mostly from within the Western Hemisphere. Imports from the Persian Gulf supply about 15 percent of total U.S. oil demand, a share that has declined over time.

Imports from the Persian Gulf cost $73 billion in 2011, of which Iraq received around $20 billion. So, if the multi-billions dollar Iraq war really was a “war for oil,” it was exceptionally ill-advised.

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Obama’s Bud Not Doing Well: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Battling Bone Metastasis

November 30, 2012

But I bet if anybody knows count on the CUba Commie Hospitals to give the best of care.

Fox News reports:

Venezuela President Hugo Chávez is now battling bone metastasis from his pelvic cancer, according to a report by Spanish newspaper ABC. Citing an unnamed intelligence source, ABC’s Washington correspondent Emil J. Blasco says there has been a recurrence and spread of the tumor, which was detected in a test performed on a trip to Havana just after the elections on October 7.

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BBC Confirms That Polar Melt Has Almost No Effect On Sea Level

November 30, 2012

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‘Melting of polar ice sheets has added 11mm to global sea levels over the past two decades, according to the most definitive assessment so far’

Real Science analysis: ‘Two inches of sea level rise over the next 100 years’

Most of that is just natural variability. Climate always changes … Sea level has gone up 400 feet since the last Ice Age. These two inches are easily seen as measurement error.

Heck back when. CO2 was 8-10 times what it is today, and what did the extra plant food do, it caused plants to grow. In fact their is a scientific school of thought that say today’s CO2 level is too low for optimum. Can you imagine what increased crop yields would do now???

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Another One Goes Plop: Solar Firm That Got $26M In Miss. Loans Is Closing

November 30, 2012

A cheap $10 calculator would allow you to figure out the inevitable. What does this make now 51, green company busts since he started taxpayer funding of the losers companies –In case You don’t know this is how crony capitalism, for the intellect challenged Obama voters, works.

Here is the details from WLOX:

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – Mississippi taxpayers may have only an empty Senatobia building and some solar panel equipment to show for nearly $26 million in loans provided to Twin Creeks Technologies.

The California-based solar technology firm is liquidating, and a company that bought Twin Creeks’ assets does not intend to take over its agreement with Mississippi. The contract called for Twin Creeks to invest at least $132 million and create at least 500 jobs.

The Mississippi Development Authority’s Kathy Gelston says officials are negotiating for Twin Creeks to repay aid above the value of the building and equipment.

Lenders sold Twin Creeks’ technology for $10 million to GT Advanced Technologies of Nashua, N.H., in mid-November. Gelston says Twin Creeks received about $3 million from the sale, but says there are creditors beyond Mississippi.

Their is no viable business case for solar electricity, nor Wind power, except for sailboat use. The WIND Power lawsuits should be coming right along/ Wait for them…..

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