If You Are Under 40

April 10, 2008

If you are young, you probably missed all the fun of the 70s, Democrat President Jimmy Carter in his cardigan sweaters sitting by a fireplace, he called them fireside chats. And what did he say? Well stupid things like the world will be out of oil by the year 2000, completely out, all the wells run dry. The other was the mullahs are nice people and the hostages will be released soon. Here is a short film to help you relive the other 70s scare … global cooling, the coming ice age, and yes we are all going to die.

Yes this is all true, it is not a hoax. So when you see Ted Turner, arms waving and eyes glowing wildly, just remember, the last time it was ice, this time it’s warming, so I think I will wait for the next ice age. How about you?

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