Down To The House-Stretch

November 2, 2010

Pull, altogether now!!! Let go Nancy, or we break your arms off.

Tea Rex

October 31, 2010

mmm, lying donkeys good.

Sarah — Interviews Barry

October 30, 2010

Gonna Blow

October 29, 2010

Just In Case You Read The New Times Boehner The Lobbyist Story

September 13, 2010

This weekend’s New York Times’ hit job on would-be Speaker John Boehner and his “lobbyist friends,” you might think, as the reporter clearly wants you to think, that John Boehner is cozier with lobbyists than most powerful politicians are.

But did you know:

  • Nancy Pelosi has raised almost twice as much money from lobbyists this election as Boehner has?
  • At least 18 House Democrats have raised more lobbyist cash this election than Boehner has.
  • Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid have pocketed more lobbyist cash in the past 18 months than Boehner has raised in the past 6 elections, combined?

But wouldn’t it be better if it all would stop? And what about earmarks? Earmarks are the root of the problem, also known as lobbyist paybacks.

John Dennis IS Running Against Pelosi

September 13, 2010

Throw some water on Nancy Pelosi! Melt the witch. Donate, volunteer, and vote for John Dennis!

Imam Obama’s Economic Destrutction Continues, Unabatted

September 10, 2010

The CBO reports — Deficit to hit 9.1% of GDP,

The budget deficit will hit $1.342 trillion this year, the Congressional Budget Office forecast on Thursday, down slightly from its March projection of $1.368 trillion, according to a government source.CBO, the Congress’ nonpartisan budget analyst, also forecast a $1.066 trillion deficit for fiscal year 2011, which begins on October 1, up slightly from the March estimate of $996 billion.

The numbers show that without significant changes in U.S. tax and spending laws, Washington will struggle to dig its way out of a deficit hole that is expected to play a major role in this year’s Nov 2 midterm congressional elections as American anxiety about the economy grows.

Weekly unemployment is running 450-500,000, the economic destruction of the US economy is ongoing. And it’s all on purpose.

Democrats Are In A Real Pickle

August 19, 2010

Dick Morris has a very interesting summary piece today in the New York Post — Will House Dems risk a rout? Apparently things have gotten so bad for Democrats that they can’t figure out which ones they are going to throw back. The record so far is bleak, and getting worse by the passing day: Who is extreme now!!!

57% think the Democrat agenda is “extreme”
60% favor repeal of Obamacare
56% disapprove of Obama’s job performance
61% favor immigration laws like Arizona just passed
68% oppose the Ground Zero mosque
65% are angry at federal government policies
65% say America is on the wrong track

Take these passages from the piece:

Take Virginia, for example: Three House Democrats are facing tough re-election races there — and one is as good as gone. In Charlottesville, freshman Democrat Tom Perriello is running more than 20 points behind his GOP challenger, Robert Hurt. In Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Glenn Nye is slightly behind his Republican opponent, Scott Rigells. In the southwestern part of the state, longterm incumbent Rick Boucher still leads his GOP challenger, Morgan Griffith — but the Republican could well come on and win.

So where should the Dems put their money? They’ll probably need both the Perriello and Nye seats to keep their majority. But if they put funds there, they won’t have enough left to protect Boucher.

So do they endanger Boucher to try to protect Nye and Perriello, or fall back and make sure solider incumbents like Boucher win — even if it means virtually guaranteeing a loss of their majority by giving up on the Nye and Perriello seats?

That is a very uncomfortable place to be. Remember when Barry Goldwater said “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice … Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue”. Beginning to look like the American people finally get what he meant.

Now with one to blame but yourselves — I take “route” for $2000. Remember all those names you called the Tea Party people? The Tea Party will now help you out.

The Real Problem

June 27, 2010

Keynesian … The dumbest economic theory ever invented.

Judge Blocks Obama’s Illegal Offshore Drilling Ban

June 22, 2010

Says Obama Administration misled the public.

Judge Feldman said in his ruling that the Interior Department failed to provide adequate reasoning for the moratorium. He said it seemed to assume that because one rig failed, all companies and rigs doing deepwater drilling posed an imminent danger.

“An invalid agency decision to suspend drilling of wells in depths of over 500 feet simply cannot justify the immeasurable effect on the plaintiffs, the local economy, the Gulf region, and the critical present-day aspect of the availability of domestic energy in this country,” Judge Feldman wrote.

A copy of the ruling can be found here, in PDF format.

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