The Lies Of Obama-Kare

January 19, 2011

As the US House prepares to repeal ObamaKare today, Paul Ryan reminded us yesterday just how dishonest democrats were in passing this monumental piece of legislation.

If you want to understand the actual cost of the ObamaKare no one explains it better than Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

Democrats claim the bill will cut the deficit by using phony accounting tricks. Paul Ryan explains how ObamaKare is the largest tax increase in US history.

Now Just Go Home

December 17, 2010

Democrats controlling the Senate have abandoned a 1,924-page catchall spending measure that’s laced with homestate pet projects known as earmarks and that would have provided another $158 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nevada Democrat Harry Reid gave up on the nearly $1.3 trillion bill after several (nine) Republicans who had been thinking of voting for the bill pulled back their support.

GOP leader Mitch McConnell threw his weight against the bill in recent days, saying it was in his words “unbelievable” that Democrats would try to muscle through in just a few days legislation that usually takes months to debate.

Reid said he would work with McConnell to produce a short-term funding bill to keep the government running into early next year.

The top Senate Republican has offered a one-page bill to prevent a government shutdown on Saturday as an alternative to a 1,924-page catchall spending measure offered by Democrats.

Go home, we don’t want your ‘enabling act’ con-con anymore, and take your Obama-Communism with you. Try and do one thing positive for America, while you still have your 13% approval.

Epilogue: TEA PARTY POWER to the people.

House to investigate Climategate?

December 9, 2010

After a year of waiting, the lies, collusion and hoaxing the public on AGW global warming exposed in Climategate might finally get a Congressional hearing.

The new chairman of the House of Representatives’ SciTech Committee has now been appointed. Ralph Hall (R-CA) is the man in the hotseat, and is interviewed at, much of the discussion relating to Climategate:

Hall told POLITICO in a recent interview he’s not a climate skeptic. “If they quote me correctly, I’ve never said it’s outrageous to even think about global warming. I want some proof,” he said. “If I get the chair and have the gavel, I’m going to subpoena people from both sides and try to put them under oath and try to find out what the real facts are.”

But he said he does want to question all sides of the issue, including the scientists at the center of the so-called “Climategate” controversy surrounding e-mails stolen from climate researchers last year in England. He said at a hearing last month that the documents exposed a “dishonest undercurrent” within the scientific community. Investigators in the United States and Britain have cleared the scientists of any

About time … More goodness from the 2010 Elections … LOL

The Cancun con-con continues:

Due to the importance of this I have reproduced Christopher Monckton’s words in full as reported at SPPI (see below).

The UN wants nothing less than 1.5% of our GDP.

That’s $212 billion from the USA every year ($2700 per family of 4).

That’s $32 billion from the UK every year ($2000 per family of 4).

That’s $13 billion from Australia every year ($2400 per family of 4).

Question, how many bullets should we include with each person’s contribution … Since it’s nothing but robbery, I thought I would ask.

House Losers Get Cubicles in the Basement

December 3, 2010

Turned out to the farm … While U.S. Capitol staff prepare office space for the 94 incoming House freshman, their defeated or retiring predecessors have been banished to the basement.

Outgoing members had to vacate their offices by noon today. Their new homes for the rest of the lame-duck session: two chairs and cubicles in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building.


Sarah’s Tally Sheet

December 3, 2010

Totals for the 2010 midterm elections in which 30 of 43 of the House candidates she endorsed won, as did 7 of the 12 Senate candidates she supported. Moreover, those elections proved that while rank-and-file citizens largely support Palin’s worldview, they are rejecting Obama’s.

Obama Hits The Wall, May Bust Lip, Again

December 1, 2010

The Obama regime is on a path to rule America by oppressive fiat regulations. Obama pal Kagan even wrote a paper on executive fiat called “Presidential Administration” how to rule America by executive fiat, ie Executive Orders. But there is a problem. A part of the original 1994 Republican takeover — This is the text of the Congressional Review Act, a part of the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act of 1996, also called the Contract with America Advancement Act of 1996. The Congressional Review Act allows Congress to review every new federal regulation issued by the government agencies and, by passage of a joint resolution, overrule a regulation.

Thank you Newt and the boys!!!

Senate Republicans may use a different tool in their minority efforts to contain the EPA’s efforts to impose climate-change regulation by fiat, a rarely-used law called the Congressional Review Act.  Created in 1996, the law essentially allows Congress to veto regulatory changes created by executive branch agencies, and may become a sledgehammer in battling the Obama administration’s regulatory innovations:

GOP lawmakers say they want to upend a host of Environmental Protection Agency rules by whatever means possible, including the Congressional Review Act, a rarely used legislative tool that allows Congress to essentially veto recently completed agency regulations.

The law lets sponsors skip Senate filibusters, meaning Republicans don’t have to negotiate with Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) for a floor vote or secure the tricky 60 votes typically needed to do anything in the Senate.

The House doesn’t have the same expedited procedures, but it’s assumed the GOP majority would have little trouble mustering the votes needed to pass disapproval resolutions.

A spate of contentious EPA rules that are soon to be finalized could be prime targets, including the national air quality standard for ozone, toxic emission limits for industrial boilers and a pending decision about whether to regulate coal ash as hazardous waste.

“We’re not going to let EPA regulate what they’ve been unable to legislate. And if I’m chairman, we’re going to have a very aggressive, proactive schedule,” Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), the likely incoming chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, told POLITICO.

The effort may even find Democratic support.  The upper chamber has 23 Democrats who have to face voters in 2012, some in red states that will feel the impact of these EPA regulations disproportionately.

It’s All Rigged

December 1, 2010

State Capitalism, National Socialism, think Mussolini and Hitler. And then remember the USA press thought Mussolini had it exactly right. Democrats rigging the votes, buying the votes, rigging the legislative game. It’s what Democrats have been doing to the last four years.

A hot mic left on during a Senate vote Tuesday morning on the Food Safety Act caught a senator complaining that process of setting the agenda during the lame-duck session is “rigged.”

“It’s all rigged. The whole conversation is rigged,” said Colorado Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet. “The fact that we don’t get to a discussion before the break about what we’re going to do in the lame duck. It’s just rigged.”

The Progressives of America have been in love with National Socialism for near 100 years. NAZIs.

With Kirk’s Swearing In, GOP Formally Claims Obama’s Seat

November 30, 2010

Senate Republicans on Monday formally claimed President Obama’s former Senate seat with the swearing-in of Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.).

Another Tea Party win, but this one is a RINO. Watch him close, it was worth it to stick it to Obama.


Dem State Lawmakers Defecting To GOP Post-Election

November 30, 2010

Is this good or bad? The Tea Party surge was huge. The state legislatures seats shifting parties is now 13 and growing, adding to the 680+ seats already won in state legislatures.

Staggering Election Day losses are not the Democratic Party’s final indignity this year. At least 13 state lawmakers in five states have defected to Republican ranks since the Nov. 2 election, adding to already huge GOP gains in state legislatures. And that number could grow as next year’s legislative sessions draw near.

The defections underscore dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party—particularly in the South—and will give Republicans a stronger hand in everything from pushing a conservative fiscal and social agenda to redrawing political maps.

The census figures come forth in 2011 and the redrawing can begin.




SS Obama, Sinking

November 23, 2010

Latest polling only 39% support for the president.

President Obama has passed the Big 4-0 — going the wrong way.

Turns out voters were not simply satisfied to spank the Democrat and his party in the Nov. 2 midterm elections with historic losses in the House of Representatives.

Obama’s job approval rating as calculated by the Zogby Poll has now sunk to 39%, a new low for his 22-month presidency that began with so much hope and excitement and poll numbers up around 70. As recently as Sept. 20, his job approval was 49%.

A whopping 60% now disapprove of his job, up from 51% disapproval Sept. 20.


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