Real Science vs The Obama Psuedo-Science Crackpots

December 20, 2008

It’s not going to matter what the freaks say, the pseudo-science crackpots in the Obama administration, or for that matter what the jive talking Obama says.

The modern solar maximum ended in Oct 2005 with a bang, and no, no one on the planet knows why it did so. But it did. Mankind has never before witnessed such an event, since man hadn’t the measurement capability beforehand. We have no way of knowing whether the ‘Ap bang’ ending had happened before or was a new thing with the sun. The only record of any consequence that man has is sunspot counts, a hard to correlate measurement if there ever was one, and may not be that accurate.

What happened with the sun in a nutshell is this — Basically, the magnetic index(Ap) dropped suddenly and has continued to go down further since then. In addition, sunspots have all but vanished since that time, in spite of the fact that sunspot cycle 24 was supposed to begin a while back. Technically it has begun, but has been exceedingly weak. You can read about it here.
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Keynesian Economics Is Wrong: Bigger Government Is Not Stimulus

December 17, 2008

Failed President FDR proved this beyond a shadow of doubt.

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