NSA Spys: I Don’t Know Nuttin Pressy

October 30, 2013

The Guardian last week reported that the US had spied on 35 world leaders, including Angela Merkel.

Now this…

NSA and intelligence officials say the White House signed off on surveillance targeting friendly world leaders.
The LA Times reported:

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Obama Didn’t Know???

October 28, 2013

Yeah right …

The Humiliation Is Complete: China Complains NSA Phone Taps “Violate Leaders’ Privacy”

While the “indignation” by America’s allies will come and go, the punchline in the overnight response to NSA’s ongoing reputational hammering came not from Europe, but from China.


Because when even China makes fun of your spying practices, it’s probably time to call it a ballgame.

And how about spying on the American people, IRS and the Tea Party. Does anybody know what it is that Obama might know except PARTY?

And what happens to the missing Obamacare girl, she was disappeared from the official website … You remember the girl right behind Obama at the Sham WOW Obamacare rollout? Was she the last Weiner girl?

Why Of Course

October 28, 2013

Spending too much time on the party circuit … And not enough time doing the job you were hired for?


Since NSA spying blows up into an International scandal, why not just try these LIES … The spys now says,  NSA: HE DIDN’T KNOW!

Yeah sure …. So now we are supposed to believe this Jive Talkin …. Who me? At what point do we say, yeah YOU?


NSA Spys

October 13, 2013

Revelations that the NSA has compromised hardware for surveillance highlights the vulnerability of computer systems to such attacks. MIT Technology Review has this article … If you are technical it is a good read, if not …

NSA’s Own Hardware Backdoors May Still Be a “Problem from Hell:”

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A Good Move?

October 11, 2013

Or just another head fake. What is there about violating the Constitution that is hard to understand …::: Patriot Act author prepares bill to put NSA bulk collection ‘out of business’…

Let’s face show me what the patriot act has done that makes you feel safer?

Yeah, I was duped too …

NSA Spying Under Bush

October 1, 2013

A CEO who resisted NSA spying is out of prison. And he feels ‘vindicated’ by Snowden leaks.

Just one major telecommunications company refused to participate in a legally dubious NSA surveillance program in 2001. A few years later, its CEO was indicted by federal prosecutors. He was convicted, served four and a half years of his sentence and was released this month.

Prosecutors claim Qwest CEO Joseph Nacchio was guilty of insider trading, and that his prosecution had nothing to do with his refusal to allow spying on his customers without the permission of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. But to this day, Nacchio insists that his prosecution was retaliation for refusing to break the law on the NSA’s behalf.

Apparently not everything Bush was doing was legal …

NSA: The Spys R Us

September 29, 2013

Keep dogging boys … You have struck a vein: EFF racks up another courtroom victory over the NSA: damning docs to follow.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation continues to rack up victories in its Jewel v NSA suit, through which it has been suing the US spy agency over illegal mass-surveillance for nearly a decade (three successive administrations have stalled the suit by invoking official secrecy, a deadlock that was broken thanks to the leaks released by the whistleblower Edward Snowden).

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